Susan Genovese: Reasons to vote ‘no’ on the recall |

Susan Genovese: Reasons to vote ‘no’ on the recall

I filled out my ballot for the California recall election. I took the time to reflect on how important my response will be and the impact this decision will have on my home state. I researched the decisions Gov. Newsom has made in office and have listed them below.

On the economy, Gov. Newsom:

— Worked with the state Legislature to pass the Golden State Stimulus Act, which delivered cash payments of $600 to nearly 6 million low- and middle-income Californians.

— Started largest small-business grant program in the nation. More than $2.6 billion have been allocated.

— Signed a bill to provide greater broadband expansion to rural areas.

— Has doubled the size of the California Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor.

— Gave millions of dollars in fee relief for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

— Was first in the nation to sign a bill to target misclassification of workers across sectors.

On health care, Gov. Newsom:

— Has overseen California’s lead the nation in COVID-19 vaccinations, administering more than 46 million vaccine dosages to date.

— Has led the country in obtaining PPE for our state’s vulnerable, exposed health-care workers.

— Guaranteed all uninsured Californians access to health care for COVID-19 diagnostic and treatment services.

— Extended eligibility for 1 million more Californians for Affordable Care Act coverage.

— Led the nation’s first single-purchaser system for prescription drugs.

— Signed legislation to stop Big Pharma’s attempt at delaying lower cost generic drugs from entering the marketplace.

On wildfire containment, Gov. Newsom:

— Signed a bill to allocate $21 billion to pay for future wildfire costs, investing in first responders, wildfire resilience and firefighting technology.

— Declared a statewide emergency in order to fast-track tree clearing and other forest management.

— Allocated funds for retrofitting homes for fire resiliency.

On climate change, Gov. Newsom:

— Pledged to achieve carbon neutrality before our state’s 2045 goal.

— Set a goal by 2035 to phase out sales of new gas-powered cars.

— Banned fracking in 2024 and has recently denied two new permits.

On criminal justice reform, Gov. Newsom:

— Signed a bill making it harder for law enforcement officers to lawfully justify killing civilians.

— Signed into law a bill to phase out private, for-profit prisons and detention centers for immigrants, and has ended such contracts in our state.

— Issued an executive order to stop executions in California.

On education, Gov. Newsom:

— Signed into law transition kindergarten, which added a new grade for all 4 year olds attending public school.

— Continued Universal School Meal Program, which was established during the pandemic to provide free meals for all students.

— Provided for first-time California students two tuition-free years of community college.

— Signed bill to increase student financial aid.

— Passed legislation for the nation’s first law permitting student athletes to be able to profit off their names, images and likeness.

On family support, Gov. Newsom:

— Provided funding for child care and provided pay increases to child-care workers.

— Passed bill expanding California’s paid family leave for each parent from six to eight weeks.

On homelessness and housing, Gov. Newsom:

— Signed into law limiting annual rent increases to 5%.

— Signed into law restricting evictions for Californians financially hurt by COVID-19.

— Set aside federal funds of $5.2 billion to assist renters to pay back rent and $2 billion to help pay their utility bills in arrears.

— Set aside $12 billion in latest budget to combat homelessness and to allocate $10 billion to build additional low to moderate housing.

— Established Project Home Key and purchased 6,000 permanent units throughout California.

— Started Project Room Key to set up a model for stable housing in order to provide motel and hotel rooms for more than 33,000 unhoused Californians.

What I listed above helped me to arrive at my decision. I know there will be rebuttals to my written piece, which I expect and will let go.

I feel Gov. Newsom has worked diligently to make our state safe, for now and in the future, to provide assistance for families in need, to support small businesses, to aid students with their education, to provide health insurance for the uninsured, to assist parents with childcare, and much more. Basically, to make California a better place to live.

That is how I feel. And that is why I am voting “no“ on the recall.

Susan Genovese lives in Grass Valley.

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