Susan Brandt Blachley: Copper herbicides in our waterways |

Susan Brandt Blachley: Copper herbicides in our waterways

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Susan Brandt Blachley

I write this on April 1, Easter, a holiday of rejuvenation. This is why, to me and many in our community continue to be amazed that, in this day and age, the treatments of copper herbicides in our miles of waterways continues.

On April 3, the NID will pour Cutrine and Nautique into our water supply. This will continue monthly til Sept. 18. Many of us who use NID waters, receive the treatment schedule and FAQs mailed to us by the NID. Answers about toxicity is only mentioned with certain fish koi, goldfish and trout.

The answers all toe the manufacturers line, if you look at the Cutrine or Nautique website, it’s verbatim warnings, which are simple and incomplete as to the affect of copper in our water.

Here is what isn’t said by Cutine Nautique, by way of NID, that is deceitful. My research to the EPA website states that the copper of these products may be harmful as it builds up over time in waterways. My question is, if my grandchildren and pets walk in these waters, will the copper buildup get on their skin cause liver damage?

Also, EPA says these herbicides can be harmful to amphibians or lizards, is that true? These are important questions.

My other question is, when can we stop using herbicide and put the funds into the staff that manage the waterways to clear them like they did in the good old days — by hand without poison. Our Earth needs all the help it can get.

Susan Brandt Blachley lives in Grass Valley.

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