Susan Bewley:You asked … |

Susan Bewley:You asked …

In his Nov. 14 Other Voices column, Jerry Eason wrote that when he “asks a Democrat why they hate Trump so, they never give an answer.” Well, I dislike Trump intensely, and I will answer.

President Trump admits he has molested women; he denigrates Gold Star families and Purple Heart recipients; makes fun of the disabled; tries to bribe the leader of another country into announcing that they are investigating Joe Biden; defies subpoenas for testimony from witnesses that we the people are legally entitled to know.

Trump publicly swears in the Oval Office and East Room of the White House; calls people of faith liars when they say they pray; separates undocumented parents from their children with no plan to reunite them; defies international laws regarding refugees; cozies up to autocratic leaders who violate human rights and murder their citizens; offends leaders of countries who are our allies.

Trump calls duly elected representatives and senators and hardworking civil servants childish and offensive names; is attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), which would result in the elimination of coverage for pre-existing conditions.

“Trump undermines the credibility of our elections by refusing to concede and saying, with no evidence, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won because the election was rigged”

Trump has told over 20,000 documented lies while president (and many more lies to wives, employees, buyers of his products and people with whom he contracted); tries to take credit away from President Obama for reversing the Great Recession; gives a huge tax reduction to the ultra-wealthy and large corporations that increased the deficit to the largest in history.

Trump said he would protect Social Security and Medicare and then wants to reduce benefits to pay down the national debt; unilaterally pulled out of the multi-nation agreement with Iran, thereby allowing them to restart their nuclear weapons program; accuses young people who are calling for sensible gun control and who have experienced a mass shooting at their school of being paid actors.

Trump pardons a convicted war criminal; gets into trade wars with other countries and then uses taxpayer money to bail out corporate farmers; calls the press the enemy of the people, a term commonly used by authoritarian rulers; reverses good consumer and employee protections by simply calling them regulations.

Trump pulls out of the Paris Climate Agreement; threatens jurists and judges; financially benefits from his hotels in Washington D.C. and Mar-a-Lago and other countries in violation of the emoluments clause; approves top security clearance for son-in-law Jared Kushner after it was declined by two career White House security specialists.

Trump hides his tax returns even though he told the American public he would release them; appoints “acting” cabinet members and heads of departments so they don’t have to be vetted and approved by the Senate; incites white supremacists by telling them to stand by; tries to destroy the U. S. Postal Service.

Trump pulls out of the World Health Organization while a pandemic rages; calls fallen soldiers suckers and losers; calls the coronavirus a hoax, laughs at people who wear masks and suggests injecting disinfectant as a possible cure; accuses doctors of inflating the seriousness of the coronavirus for their own financial gain; and most egregiously.

Trump undermines the credibility of our elections by refusing to concede and saying, with no evidence, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won because the election was rigged; and now he risks citizens’ lives by blocking the normal presidential transition process, especially by withholding national security information and plans for vaccination distribution.

Now do you understand why we Democrats know that Trump is the most corrupt, repugnant, divisive and unqualified president in the history of the United States? Let me add that Joe Biden and I are members of the Democratic Party, and we are not socialists. Labeling us the latter is another lie promulgated by Donald J. Trump.

Susan Bewley lives in Nevada City.

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