Steve O’Sullivan: Save the U.S. Postal Service |

Steve O’Sullivan: Save the U.S. Postal Service

As a resident of the primarily rural Nevada County, I am highly concerned with the current situation with the United States Postal Service.

The Postal Service is a lifeblood of rural America. It provides a vital link for necessary communications and deliveries. Since the beginnings of our country, Americans could always depend receiving their mail. With the current crisis brought on by COVID-19, Americans depend more than ever on receiving their mail and packages.

It has been argued that the mail is obsolete due to internet connectivity and email. This is not true. Rural America does not have access to reliable and affordable high speed internet. And even if it did, essential items such as medications could never be delivered over the internet.

Currently the postal service is under attack on two fronts. The first is from a lack of congressional action to properly fund this vital service. The second is from the current executive administration that appears intent on eliminating the service in its entirety. The president has indicated a preference for a privatized mail system that would likely not even serve much of rural America. Currently the president appears determined to destroy the mail service so it cannot be relied upon in the November election, even though many members of his own party, including himself, use the mail for their ballots.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has implemented policies that are leading to mail not being delivered in a timely manner. Congress needs to implement legislation to protect the Postal Service and shield it from political manipulation. Congress also needs to provide adequate funding for this vital service.

America depends on its Postal Service. In a time when trillions of dollars are being spent by our government on COVID-19 relief measures, funding this essential service must be placed at a high priority. The postal service must continue in its present form to serve rural America. It is time for rural Republican congress members to act on behalf of their constituents and break ranks with the president in implementing a bipartisan measure to fund and protect the United States Postal Service. We will continue to need the mail service far beyond the next election.

I ask anyone who wants the Post Office to continue past the next few months to express their concerns to their elected member of congress by writing or calling and requesting action.

Steve O’Sullivan lives in Grass Valley.

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