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Shirley Freriks: Join us for Plastic Free July

Shirley Freriks | Guest Columnist

June 27 is the launch of a campaign to focus community-wide on single-use plastic reduction. That means looking seriously at the plastic packaging we have been accumulating and refuse as much as possible and find alternatives.

Why? The first and most serious reason is that the microplastics it degrades into are now being proven to be in human bodies. They are toxic and causing concern.

Are you aware that anywhere between 5% to 40% of the price of an item is the cost of the packaging? Why waste your money on something that will be used a short while and sent to landfill only to give off methane into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas contributing to climate change? Statistics show that only about 8% is recycled, so 92% of the accumulated plastic goes to landfill.

Learn more and get ideas on what to doat the Plastic Free event Monday evening, June 27, starting at 6:30 for social time at Nevada County Media ,plus some fun with Charly Price singing “Message in a Bottle” (plastic, of course) and more songs, and the Untrashed Art Show.

Waste Management will offer a fun interactive event. Presentations by speakers look at several aspects of the plastics dilemma: Shavati Karki-Pearl of Waste Management will demystify plastic recycling. Daniel Elkin from SYRCL will speak to the enormous impact it has on our rivers. Jared Milligan, owner of GAIA Soap Supply, has lots to say about how refill saves plastic big time.

Join the refill revolution! Shirley Freriks of WasteNOT will offer helpful information for each person to find excellent alternatives.

Start by taking on the plastic-free ecochallenge, a month-long effort to help people start new habits. https://plasticfree.ecochallenge.org/ Learn about the July National Take-Back Plastic Packaging campaign sponsored by Beyond Plastics, a highly active plastic advocacy organization with lots of ways to help and tips on how. The take-back is a way to make a statement to your local supermarket. The message is: Find Alternatives! https://www.beyondplastics.org/plastic-take-back

Nevada City restaurant and take-out food businesses will start to look at the alternatives possible right here at home. Ask for them. Take your own container. A resource list will be available to each of us can give it to the places we favor.

Plastic Free July is your opportunity to start making new habits to help our Precious Planet.

Shirley Freriks of WasteNOT is a Grass Valley resident.


When: 6:30-8 p.m. Monday, June 27

Where: Nevada County Media, 355 Crown Point Circle #D, Grass Valley

$5 Donation gratefully accepted.

Masks at your discretion. Good ventilation provided.

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