Sheri Fogarty: Why are so many questioning vaccines? |

Sheri Fogarty: Why are so many questioning vaccines?

People are labeling anyone questioning the safety of vaccines as “anti-vaxxers.” Since when is questioning the safety of a product, especially one used on our babies and elderly, a bad thing?

Since 1986 the vaccine companies have zero liability if their products injure or kill you or your child. Can you imagine if the auto industry had zero liability? How are we expected to have confidence in a company that does not have to stand behind their product? How does no liability make them care about safety?

As part of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, there was supposed to be ongoing safety testing. It’s never happened. In 1986 vaccines were a billion dollar a year business and kids got seven to eight vaccines, now it’s a $50 billion business with 69 vaccines (never tested together for safety) and there are hundreds of vaccines in the works. No wonder the companies want vaccines mandated. Pharmaceutical companies also buy approximately 70 percent of all advertising. That gives them quite a bit of control over the media. Merck is the company who makes the MMR vaccine. Merck is also the company that paid out $830 million in settlements when they were convicted of selling Vioxx while knowing it was killing people.

Vaccines have not been proven safe — the average testing time for vaccines is two to three days. Compare this with drugs like Lipitor, which had a testing period of 4.8 years. The gold standard of medical testing is the double blind placebo test. This has never been performed on any vaccine. There have never been any vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies either. Most of the studies use another vaccine for the control group. That is not science, that’s company sponsored tobacco science.

Vaccines have not been proven effective. There’s a U.S. Navy ship that’s been quarantined at sea for three months with a mumps outbreak. They are 100% vaccinated. There was a recent outbreak of whooping cough at a school in Los Angeles and every child who contracted it was vaccinated. They are adding more and more boosters because vaccines are failing.

When the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed the Federal Government took over liability for vaccine injuries and deaths with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. They only pay out for proven vaccine injuries and have paid out over $4 billion to date.

What percentage of the decision makers at CDC and FDA have financial ties to the vaccine industry? Almost 100%. This is unconscionable and a breach of ethics. Why are they fighting so hard to censor safety questions if they have nothing to hide?

SB277 was passed in 2015. It mandated that children have a number of vaccines in order to be able to attend school. It was passed based on the ‘robust exemptions’ that could be given by a child’s doctor.

Now Senator Pan is trying to get between our children and their doctor to stop all medical exemptions with SB276. We should all be reading the actual vaccine inserts (not the CDC one page handout) and see all of the potential side effects including death. According to the VAERS government website there have been more deaths from the MMR vaccine then from the diseases they are supposed to treat.

I think vaccines can be a wonderful thing if they are safe and effective. Right now there is no proof that they are either. For more info, from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., one of the top environmental attorneys in the country, watch this vaccine safety presentation:

The pharmaceutical companies can try to censor free speech all they want but us mama bears will never stop protecting our babies and grandbabies.

Sheri Fogarty lives in Grass Valley.

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