Scott McLean: High time to impeach Trump |

Scott McLean: High time to impeach Trump

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Scott McLean

Trump is not Hitler; Trump is his own incarnation. But the disaster that was Trump’s election is a latter-day echo of Hitler’s 1933 seizure of power.

Egotism and greed drive Trump and his minions in the Republican Party. When Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, his death mirrored Hitler’s end in the bunker in Berlin.

It is high time to impeach. Trump encourages nothing but self-serving destruction. Trump may say he is for the working man, but that was a ploy to seize power. His cabinet is filled with billionaires who have worked for Goldman Sachs. Trump is the con man par excellence.

The details of Trump’s reign of fascism are shocking, none more so than the figure for military spending. This year, the U.S. Senate recommended $716 billion for 2019. They approved one of the biggest defense budgets in modern American history, despite concerns about the rising federal deficit. To pay for the increase, the regime recommended deep cuts for many other federal agencies and domestic programs. Hitler financed his military with debt. We’ve seen the movie before. What we have is money for bombs, but little for education or the State Department.

That thuggery is an international phenomenon is no reason for the U.S. to fall in line; in the past we stood up to bullies. May we do so by ridding ourselves from this two-bit thug.

Of all the crimes he has committed, none are as egregious as his promotion of coal, his drilling for fossil fuel around New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon, or his truly inane denial of global warming and climate change. The stupidity is breath-taking; imagining that we can institute Happy Days is beyond the pale.

Hitler spoke of the “Lying Press;” Trump of “Fake News.” In truth, I see little difference.

Scott McLean lives in Nevada City.

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