Sarah Daley: Misconceptions about progressives |

Sarah Daley: Misconceptions about progressives


In reference to Mr. George Rebane’s recent column, “Where Exactly Are We Heading?”: I would like to explain some misconceptions and advocate for some of the progressive positions he criticizes.

First of all, democratic socialists are not Marxist, socialist, or communist. Those economic theories believe in having the government being in control of economic production, and we do not. Democratic socialists are still capitalists, but they seek to restrain the self-destructive excesses of capitalism and channel government’s use of our tax money into creating opportunities for everyone. Democratic socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs not simply to make profits for the greedy few.

What is wrong with critical race theory? This theory does not teach that every single white person is intentionally racist. Instead it teaches us how to be aware of our own implicit biases against people of color and how these biases influence our society and culture in relationship to race, law, and social and political power. By teaching white people to become more aware of them, we will be far less likely to act on them.

Teaching the holocaust is mandatory in German schools so that they do not grow up to repeat the same horrors their ancestors committed. What is wrong for having our schools do the same in regard to African Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans?

What civil liberties do you think that Democrats are trying to take away from you? If you are focusing on the Second Amendment, have no fear. We could not take that right away from you even if we wanted to. In order to do that we would need two-thirds of both Houses in Congress and three-fourths of all the states to ratify its repeal. That will never happen.

Instead, we are trying to create better gun safety laws so that innocent people do not get killed by someone who should not have been granted the right to own a gun in the first place. I would hope you would agree that my right not to be killed is more important than allowing someone who should not have been allowed to own a gun own one in the first place.

As to your criticism of college campuses indoctrinating students to become liberal Democrats, it was my weekly Catholic sermons that indoctrinated me to be one. Jesus’s Beatitudes, his admonitions for the wealthy to share their wealth with the poor, and his inclusion of the outcasts in their society turned me into a liberal Democrat by the time I was 12 and Ronald Reagan was running for president.

I could not understand how people could go against Jesus’s teachings by voting for him, and I still don’t, especially if one is “pro-life.” Voting for Republicans because one is “pro-life,” while gutting the safety net a single mother would need in order to raise a child to adulthood, is illogical and counterproductive to one’s goal of eliminating abortions.

I would love to find common ground with Mr. Rebane and other conservatives. In order to do that, we would need to agree on what the problems are, and it seems like we don’t.

Conservatives tend to want to keep institutions, laws, and society the same as they have been in the past. Why fix it if it isn’t broken?

Liberals like me see this country as broken and would like to create solutions that will create positive changes for all citizens in our country.

I hope one day we can figure out how to communicate with each other in a productive and respectful manner, given that we view our country from opposite sides of this spectrum.

Sarah Daley lives in Grass Valley.

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