Ruth Hochman: The last chance — Scooter’s needs more pals |

Ruth Hochman: The last chance — Scooter’s needs more pals

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Ruth Hochman

Sampson is a lucky boy. He was never abused, and he wasn't abandoned. When his mom could no longer care for him she took him to Sammie's Friends. We found him there, all 100 pounds of him, just waiting for us to take him home. Other dogs are not so lucky, and many owe their lives to an organization named Scooter's Pals.

How is Scooter's Pals different from the other rescue organizations? Unless terminally ill or in great unrelievable pain, no dog is put to death. Scooters actually rescues dogs from high kill shelters. They spay/neuter, provide vet care as needed, vaccinate, provide boarding and get the dogs into the right foster and forever homes. They even include food to foster homes when needed. Scooter's always takes back dogs, and once a dog's life is saved it stays saved.

When families lose their homes, Scooters will pay the pet deposit fee on a new home so the pet can stay with its family.

The amazing fact about Scooter's Pals is that the organization is completely volunteer. No salaries or expenses are taken at all by anyone. Every donation in its entirety goes to help the dogs.

Thanks to the generosity of our community since 2008 Scooters has rescued, saved, and adopted more than 3,000 dogs and a few cats. Many have been abused or abandoned, but the volunteers and fosters at Scooters welcome all and rehab them to health.

All of this does take money, and donations are welcome and needed as recurring every month or by check or Paypal. Please go to or for more information.

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We welcome calls at the office at 530-350-2099 but you may not hear back right away. Since it is all volunteer someone may not be in the office at that time. You can also email Susan Wallace, Scooter's Pals founder at or our volunteer coordinator Sally Berman at for more information and to find out how to volunteer. The dogs need you and give so much love. Please consider helping them.

Ruth Hochman lives in Nevada City.

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