Roger Waina: Exceptional care during a scary time |

Roger Waina: Exceptional care during a scary time

Since we live in a world where people are quick to find fault and blast to everyone how they’ve been wronged, I would like to share an excerpt of a letter I sent to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital after an unexpected and very serious illness left me in their care for nine days.

They truly are angels here on Earth.

“From the moment I stepped inside the ER, I was treated very kindly by everyone involved in my treatment. My condition ended up being serious enough that I was a ‘guest’ of the ICU unit for a couple of days, before making my temporary home up on the second floor for the following seven days.

“While no one wants to find themselves in the care of hospital staff, the care I received at Sierra Nevada Memorial made my experience there as best as it could be. They were always there to answer questions, encourage me when things were going well and comfort me when I was worried or had set backs. I had not a shadow of a doubt that they were all really dedicated to not only my, but every patients’, treatment.

“The many nights I laid in my bed, I could hear laughter, friendly conversation and an overall sense of coworkers willing to step in and help each other when asked to do so. I even had one of the charge nurses tell me one morning she has a good crew, an excellent career and just wants to do her part to help me get better. The sense of camaraderie among co-workers is a comforting feeling when you can hear quite a bit through the halls.

“I know it takes a village to run every aspect of a hospital, and each one of you that I had the pleasure of meeting is an angel. I do not say that lightly. Whether it was the nurse administering my medication at 2 a.m., the janitor taking my trash or the staff bringing in my meal — every single one of you always had a kind word to say. I was never made to feel like I was a burden or in your way. You all were always encouraging and helpful.”

Many may not see being hospitalized as a blessing, but it gave me quite a bit of time to truly reflect on everything I have to be thankful for, including our local doctors and nurses for their exceptional level of care during a scary time in my life.

Roger Waina lives in Grass Valley.

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