Rod Fivelstad: Our president, the deflector-in-chief |

Rod Fivelstad: Our president, the deflector-in-chief

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Rod Fivelstad

Once again Mr. Trump points the finger everywhere but at himself. No one has handled the COVID-19 virus perfectly, but our president’s refusal to accept that he and his administration and conservative cabal downplayed the seriousness and risk of the COVID-19 virus early on, when it was already obvious that is was a major problem in China.

China, for its part, demonstrated the true dangers of the lack of a free press and absolute authoritarian rule, demonstrating a complete disregard for those early medical personnel on the ground in Wuhan, who were raising a red flag on how dangerous this particular virus appeared to be.

The blame game goes on. Now our president has decided to stop providing funding to the World Health Organization (WHO), because they “did not do enough” and for its “role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.” Those words more accurately describe our president’s early handling of COVID-19, than WHO.

I was hearing all types of dire warnings from WHO and others back in December and January. Our President is the one who decided he knew more than WHO and other medical professionals.

“This is just like a cold or the flu,” he remarked on multiple occasions. Mr. President, you are and were wrong. You keep praising yourself for closing the door from China, what else did you do to make sure we were ready, if the COVID-19 pandemic was actually for real and not a new hoax designed to make you look bad? The answer, not much — and I do not believe the coronavirus is a hoax.

Thankfully many of our states’ governors (Cuomo, Newsom and others) got on top of the situation rapidly in the vacuum created at the federal level and issued stay-in-place and other measures, which appear to be having a positive effect on reducing the staggering number of deaths this virus is responsible for.

The president and his people continue to demonstrate that the economy and not the people are the most important. Indiana Rep. Trey Hollingsworth just voiced that today. I am paraphrasing and not quoting his exact words, but this is what he said: Let’s get back to work, who cares if there is a new spike in deaths from COVID-19, they are only people and there are dollars to be made, it is the lesser of two evils.

I say the economy will come back. Dead people do not. I, for one, am seeking a responsible government that can admit its shortcomings, whose primary interest is in the well-being of its population, citizens and non-citizens. A government who listens to all, considers all, and makes prudent decisions based on fact and not a president’s fantasy. I will be looking for new leadership come November. I hope many of you feel the same as I do.

I, unlike the president, am willing to take the heat and criticism that I suspect this editorial may generate. Please tell me where my facts stated above are incorrect.

Rod Fivelstad lives in Grass Valley.

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