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Robin Diel: Woke Marxism supports ‘forcible overthrow’ of social conditions

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Robin Diel

Watching the cultural unrest over the last several weeks, I saw the hand signs and painted symbols of Marxist movements I remember from the 1960s and early 1970s, namely the Black Panther movement and the Maoist Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).

I found my old copy of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto (edited by Samuel H. Beer, 1955) and compared it to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) objectives as listed on their website.

Tradition Marxist theory was based on economic class conflict with defined Oppressor and Oppressed antagonists. The oppressed class was defined as the “Proletariat” (working class) that created economic value by effort of their manual labor. The oppressor “Bourgeois” created no labor-value but exploited the Proletariat to “steal” the working class labor-value via profit, interest, and rent. The state (both its political and legal institutions) “is merely the organized power of one class for oppressing another.” This definition includes the modern representative state as “means of holding down and exploiting the oppressed class.” Violent overthrow of capitalist society was an essential part of Marxism.

Traditional Marxism needed an energized Proletariat to radically transform society. Rejection of bourgeois morality, religion, ideology, and nationalism (in favor of international solidarity) were necessary to create the essential anger against the current social order as a prerequisite to revolution. In the late 20th Century, effective labor laws, powerful trade unions, and economic wealth largely dissipated the socio-economic distress needed to overthrow capitalist society. A new agent of change was needed.

In the 21st century, “Woke” Marxism changed economic class struggle to racial identity. In general terms, racial minorities replaced the Proletariat and white oppression (or “privilege”) replaced the Bourgeois. Black Panthers were arguably the first to promote a new form of racial Marxism. Black Panthers published their 10-point plan in 1966, which seems to have been largely adopted by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and is posted as part of their syllabus on their website. Most Americans shunned the militant Marxist group and the notoriety of the Black Panthers diminished. BLM rebranded the Black Power movement in less socially caustic terms. Concurrent with the political rise of BLM, the openly communist Red Nation formed in New Mexico and both groups seem to share the condemnation of the United States as a kleptocracy of American racists. Red Nation is openly Marxist, but BLM has been somewhat less so.

BLM points are similar Marxist ideology as described in The Communist Manifesto, but reframe their ideology to racial conflict versus economic class “warfare.” On the BLM website, the organization makes reference to “state sanctioned violence” and “ … rampant and deliberate violence inflicted on us (African-Americans) by the state.” This statement agrees with Marx’s belief that “Political power … is merely the organized power of one class for oppressing another.” BLM organizational goals also agree with Marx’s view on globalism versus nationalism, female liberation from patriarchy, and abolition of the “bourgeois family.” While not identical to Marx, BLM ideology is deeply rooted in Marxism. Interestingly, just last week, Patrisse Cullors (co-founder of BLM) stated that Black Lives Matter ideology was based on Marxism and that “… we are trained Marxists.” So, why should you care?

Possibly the most troubling aspect of Marxist ideology is largely overlooked: the origin of ideas and their transformative effect on society. Traditional social theory allows for a transformative idea to be expressed, which then improves society. Transformative ideas like the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, and Emancipation Proclamation led to a better society.

Marxism offers no redemption. For Marx, the oppressor/oppressed relationship forms first, then every idea from society is an outgrowth from that poisoned foundation. Woke Marxists promote the 1619 Project to establish American culture with the introduction of slavery into North America. In this world view, every institution, law, or monument made after 1619 is a tool of oppression. BLM signs state, “No Justice, No Peace!” For Woke Marxism, it is impossible for any African-American to get justice from police or legal systems made by a white-oppressor class. Like Marx, Woke Marxists believe in “the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” This overthrow will include books and cinema and has already led to “decolonization” of libraries and the deletion of movies.

Marxism is a toxic ideology that requires its disciples to destroy society. Every pledge of support or financial contribution to BLM supports a Marxist agenda that hopes to abolish the USA.

As for myself, rather than destruction, I still believe a transformative idea can lead to a better future for all Americans.

Robin Diel lives in Penn Valley.


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