Robert Stepp: Oh yeah, blame the Republicans |

Robert Stepp: Oh yeah, blame the Republicans

As stated in her recent guest column, Linda Kelleher is right. This mess is the fault of Republicans.

Republicans have failed to challenge and stop the Democrats’ frantic, incessant and irrational push to destroy the Constitution and the democratic process. Failed to confront the Democratic position that “do as I say, not as I do” will fix the problems we have been confronted with. Failed to balance the scale of power in California by taking a balanced share of the Legislature and the governor’s office (years of Democratic rule by the Pelosi/Browns (Willie and Jerry)/Soros/Newsom machine).

Has there been confusion, inconsistency and challenges with COVID-19 issues? Absolutely. If you want to follow the “science” on this issue, good luck — it changes regularly and in contradiction consistently.

Our governor has created issues by not complying with his own mandates. He has indicated he felt it necessary to set up his own review board to audit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Federal Drug Administration decisions on vaccine safety (which immediately contributed to the fears and concerns about vaccine safety).

And he has decided he should not follow federal guidelines and assistance because they are flawed.

Then-President-elect Biden repeatedly stated he had a plan to manage the COVID-19 emergency but in reality had no plan and instead established committees, commissions and review boards to decide what was needed (and ultimately just “implemented” what was already in place).

In both instances, Republicans just went with the flow. Biden imposed requirements that individuals flying to the United States must wear masks and be tested, then in the next breath said he was going to open the southern border without any controls, provisions or supplies in place to address COVID-19-relevant issues.

This state is purportedly the fourth or fifth largest economy in the world, and spends roughly 45% of its budget on education, but it certainly doesn’t show based on either performance or the state of physical disrepair of school campuses.

The Democratic-led Legislature allotted only 2% of lottery revenue to go to the schools, but the Republicans didn’t say a word about that and sat back and let it happen.

A total of 27.4% of school revenue comes from local property taxes, while 36.8% comes from the general revenue fund (which in 2021 is projected to be roughly $152 billion and is based 67.1 % on personal income tax).

The Republicans should demand accountability and redistribution, and stop the reckless and irresponsible spending that flows out of the general fund at the governor’s discretion.

Property rights and personal income are clearly adversely impacted and affected by all of this. Those shiftless Republicans just stand by and let it happen.

And let’s not forget the debacle at the Employment Development Department that has persisted for years under Democratic control without the Republicans discovering the abuse.

At the federal level, the Republicans failed to stop Maxine Waters’ inflammatory and riot-provoking behavior and language. They failed to call out the hypocrisy of their fellow legislators who were “traumatized” by the attack on the Capitol and the “threat to Democracy” when it happened on their doorstep, but had no concern or problems with the riots, looting, destruction and violence across the country in places like Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis.

Nothing said about the Contra Costa district attorney who has decided not to prosecute or pursue criminal charges when and where looting occurs “out of necessity.” How Orwellian: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” Again, those darned Republicans just let it go.

Republicans in California have stood idly by and allowed the democratic process to deteriorate to a point there is no real choice in the political system, no true choice because only the top two vote getters make it to the ballot,irrespective of party affiliation. That guarantees a one-party system and no real choice. It’s an illusion to think otherwise.

There has been preoccupation and “abhorrence” of gerrymandering and politically stacking the deck for some time, but the ultimate gerrymander of all time — making Washington, D.C. a state — is racing forward without much Republican outcry.

Webster defines culture as “the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties especially by education.” Cearly there has been a failure of the Republicans to address the intellectual and moral issues we have been faced with and insist that those necessary skills to legislate ethically and responsibly change in order to correct the reckless course we are on.

Maybe some consequence thinking should have been added to the school curriculum, along with critical thinking.

Robert Stepp lives in Cedar Ridge.

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