Robert Stepp: Consider the ramifications of your vote |

Robert Stepp: Consider the ramifications of your vote

Robert Stepp
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Will Rogers observed, “It’s a good thing we don’t get all the government we pay for.”

The last election proves him mistaken. We are getting every bit of what we pay for, plus.

Prop 11? What did the measure resolve or address? American Medical Response was behind the issue.

As a private business, they are subject to California labor laws, which include both pay and safety and health (which directly and indirectly covers training). Do they not currently pay employees to be on stand-by; do they not train them to respond to emergency situations? Public agencies cover those issues — fire and paramedic personnel work 24 hour shifts to be available when the call comes in.

California is decimating our political system and doing everything to push us to autocracy.

A call to 911 goes to a central dispatch that communicates to the responders and factors in details such as hospital availability, skills needed, etc. If a crew is not available because they are already in service, the dispatch goes to the next available/proximate crew. This was really a matter of American Medical Response being able to justify hefty rate increases which just gets passed on to the consumer regardless, and dodge what is likely staffing issues.

No on 6. Why the angst and drama (the sky is falling — and the bridges and the roads, and …)? Why not accountability and appropriate use of funds for the purposes for which they are intended. Jerry Brown was first elected in the late ’70s. Why was he not assuring that the infrastructure needs were being addressed 30 years ago? The problem did not occur over night. His push for high-speed rail service is something else to “maintain” — can’t wait for the fretting and fussing that will inevitably come with the cost over-runs and delays which will justify yet another set of taxes!

The Legislature has repeatedly diverted funds from the “gas” tax into the general fund, even after futile and ineffective efforts to repeatedly “ensure” those funds were dedicated to infrastructure (there were oh so many loopholes and workarounds to bypass the stated intentions and stipulations). It was at best a (not-so) cleverly hidden jobs initiative, and at worst, another way to collect monies that will yet again be diverted anywhere and everywhere but for its intended purpose. Or maybe the real agenda was to get all the fuel burners off the roads (then why not be honest and say that?).

Same pattern with the Lottery: what happened to all the money the Lottery was going to provide for schools? Why, the Legislature, in its infinite wisdom decided to reduce the proceeds dedicated for schools so that the funds could be used for more important things of course, completely undermining the originally touted intent of the Lottery.

Once again, the taxpayers have to foot the bill for bond measures to support the schools in addition to all the other taxes and tax increases shoved at us by Brown and the Legislature.

If you like Jerry Brown, you’ll love Newsom. Been to San Francisco lately?

Have you noticed the mess left behind that was the result of Newsom’s tenure as mayor?

One of his ads purportedly related how supportive he has been to law enforcement. Every day, correctional officers are assaulted in the jails. So where has he been the last eight years as lieutenant governor — were the assaults much worse in the past? Did he make a difference, and if not, why not? What has he ever really done to benefit the City of San Francisco or the State of California in any way other than to assure he gets elected/re-elected?

So, if you really want to be an informed voter, get involved at the precinct level (where the platform is created and candidates selected); look behind the ads and news clips (that are woefully lacking in reporting the whole story); remember or research what has occurred in the past; and verify. California is decimating our political system and doing everything to push us to autocracy.

The whole concept of the top two vote getters being the only choice on the ballot is the most destructive thing this state has done to date to undermine the political system. There is absolutely no accountability or responsibility to the voters in that fatally flawed approach — what were the voters thinking — or were they thinking?

Stop thinking in the moment and consider the ramifications and consequences of your vote that will create an accountable and responsible system of governance, not just an emotional and irrational vote that is thoughtless and detrimental.

Robert Stepp lives in Cedar Ridge.

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