Robert J. Riopel: I’m a Republican who’s not voting for Trump |

Robert J. Riopel: I’m a Republican who’s not voting for Trump

I have been a Republican all my adult life and have voted more often than not for Republican candidates at the federal, state and local levels. I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016 and am more convinced to not vote for him this year for the following reasons.

He is self-centered, vindictive, untruthful and incapable of speaking with an adult vocabulary and good grammar. He is a very bad example for our children and young people.

He is incapable of dealing with facts or even trying to learn the facts because of his egotistical view that he knows more than the experts in the military or science areas. As an example, he first ignored and then downed played the significance of the coronavirus, and then falsely claimed he was doing a great job dealing with it.

He has depleted the executive branch of competent people by firing them or them leaving in frustration in dealing with him.

He is a bigot and has treated minorities and immigrants with heartless disdain.

He has violated the emolument clause many times to the tune of millions of dollars.

He has alienated our allies and failed to deal effectively with Russia and China. For example, every intelligence agency and committee that has examined the matter has concluded that Russia made a massive effort to interfere with our 2016 elections, while Mr. Trump has continued to treat Vladimir Putin and Russia as an ally.

He has attempted to cancel the insurance for 23 million people by cancelling the coverage provided through the Affordable Care Act while not submitting a single replacement proposal, which he has promised for four years.

He is trying to reverse 40 years of improvement in our air quality.

He canceled the Iran agreement and got out of the Paris Climate agreement.

His tax cut only enriched the wealthy. While I benefited from the reduction, it was wrong from both equitable and economic standpoints.

Some of my friends support Mr. Trump solely for his expressed pro-life support. However he has done nothing to:

1. Help reduce the number of abortions, such as providing childcare for pregnant women with children,

2. Improving pre- and post- natal care, or

3. Improving our adoption system.

While I am against abortions, I think that there are number of important considerations in deciding for whom to vote. I have only lukewarm support for Joe Biden, but I believe — at a minimum — he will restore decency and competency to the executive branch, better relations with allies and more effective dealing with adversaries.

I am not worried about some of his party’s more progressive proposals because I don’t believe they will be passed in Congress. I do hope that Mr. Biden can accomplish three things in his first two years in office, namely, a more humane immigration policy, improvements to our health care system through lower drug prices and better insurance coverage, and improvements in our tax structure in order to fund substantial infrastructure projects.

Robert J. Riopel lives in Penn Valley.

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