Robert Chrisman: Are you one of the ‘Real People?’ |

Robert Chrisman: Are you one of the ‘Real People?’

By this question, I am suggesting that, broadly speaking, there are two kinds of people — “Real People” and those who are, for my stated reasons, not included in that category; I am calling them the “Exlcuded,” just for our purposes here.

I would define a Real Person as a member of a group who is reality-oriented and works with and successfully deals with the items of reality; one subgroup works with their hands on real objects: a not necessarily exhaustive list of people like this includes mechanics, builders, farmers, physicists and other hard scientists, repairmen of all kinds, machinists, factory workers, etc., i.e. creators, managers, and manipulators of actual physical things.

A second subgroup includes people who originate and/or work with ideas, but who do so respecting the naturally occurring rules and organization that follow from the use of logic, language, and argumentation. This would include business people and entrepreneurs, programmers, some writers, some social scientists and many more — those who create, employ, and utilize the product of rational thinking in the furtherance of their goals.

The Excluded include all whose work does not create either physical things or services of value or ideas of value, where the term “value” here means things that are sought out by others by choice. Some examples would include many types of government workers and bureaucrats, most politicians, union bosses, many academics, most writers and intellectuals (including the media) all of whom promote ideas that are not the product of disciplined, logical thinking, and do not use valid syllogistic reasoning and argumentation.

The polls were wrong before. Big time.

Also included would be those in large corporate settings whose function is to administer programs like regulatory compliance or political correctness. Lastly, included in this group are the increasing number of those who have decided not to work and live largely on the efforts of others.

The basic difference between the Excluded and Real People is their respect for reality — they have come to know that you can’t cheat reality. If you don’t fix or build or compose or describe something accurately and correctly, what you are doing will not work. Furthermore, your ideas about society and human relationships have to match reality or there will be big trouble.

Can such a Real Person any longer see their way clear to vote Democratic? Probably not. But maybe, if you were born into a family of that persuasion, or you can’t get beyond the possible consequences of defying your peer group, or worry that an opposing vote may spawn a negative Twitter storm causing you to be fired. Maybe, if you find it intellectually easy to accept the obvious problems inherent in the programs Democrats are offering. Maybe, if you went to a school where no one ever mentioned how with almost every instance of socialism, it evolved into governments murdering their own citizens wholesale by the millions, those whose only crime was their disagreement (by the way, Real People know that Scandinavia is not socialist, rather just capitalistic but with a bloated welfare state).

You see, for Real People, their more intimate connection with reality will not permit them to sanction political systems that rely primarily on coercion, and that take from the productive to support the unproductive, because they perceive how unnatural is this violation of basic human rights to life, liberty and property. So, in my opinion, for the Real Person to vote for Democrats going forward is almost unconscionable in today’s political climate.

Some people think that Democrats will win in 2020. Consider, however, that even the most lopsided so-called blue states (California?) will, at most, go for Democrats by a 60/40 margin. Who do you think are in the other 40% — chopped liver? No, by God, Real People. And, you know, most of them do not consider themselves “deplorables,” and have values that are antithetic to such ideas as defunding the police, doing away with fossil fuels, eliminating free market capitalism, and condemning all white people who will not take a knee and beg forgiveness for their “white privilege.” They are the kind of people who voted for Trump in 2016.

Do you think that the programs and the resulting social reality espoused by Democrats has become more acceptable to this group since 2016? Given our present state of affairs and the Democratic proposals, one can only anticipate a burgeoning growth in the number of those who want to be counted as Real People, the polls notwithstanding.

The polls were wrong before. Big time.

Robert Chrisman lives in Nevada City.

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