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Rick DeKnoop: Bridge the gap for the good of the country

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Rick DeKnoop

Words are powerful weapons and some wield them in cruel and stupid ways. The last presidential race had one key word that I think put this president in office.

That word was “deplorables” and it was a slap in the face to a lot of people who populate the center of our great country and created a “Hate Hillary” vibe that lit a fire in the middle class who were sort of disgusted at the two poor choices that we faced in that election.

It helped give us a president who lives his life on Twitter and an angry bunch to the left who feel as though their rights were violated by Hillary losing the election. Since then the Dems have made it their lot in life to right that terrible wrong, which has in effect paralyzed our country.

Words of division have given us two pathetic impeachments in the last four presidencies. We have gone from a president who couldn’t keep his pants on to a president who can’t keep his mouth closed. The president in-between was an honorable man who because of his name had to endure endless attacks about his birth and the fact that it was a name that was in a word, Islamic and conjured a whole raft of internet hyperbole that frankly took productive time away from his presidency that could have found some way to bridge the gap that has now turned into a vast chasm and has turned politics into a war instead of a search for the similarities that are present on both sides of the aisle.

I count myself as a “small c” conservative. I’m no right-wing nut, but a guy who believes in self accountability and is very proud to be an American and somehow found my way in life to be able to raise my family on one income with a high school education, the sweat of my brow and to find a nice retirement here in Grass Valley.

Now I find myself in a world where there are extremes on both sides of the spectrum who don’t really speak for the vast majority of folks who just want peace and a modest amount prosperity. Frankly I’m ashamed of my generation. My hope was that my generation would do like most in the past and try and leave a better place when I pass.

I find instead a world that is boiling in conflict and misery.

The country seems to be either “get off your ass” people on the right and want government to leave them alone, and people on the left extreme who feel that we need a “mommy government” that finds it necessary to pick us up, cradle us and take us to bed and tuck us in with no worries.

Our lives are full of ups and downs and I guess I fall into a group has managed to find a way without a lot of help and managed to get by.

I guess I’m saying that I wish that more would pursue the middle ground and find a way to bridge the gap that exists between these warring factions.

Our lives and communities would be much better places to live and I think we would see more smiles than protests.

Rick DeKnoop lives in Grass Valley

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