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Rick De Knoop: Must we ruin our future by destroying history?

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Rick De Knoop

I see that recently that the history revisionists and statue Nazis are having a field day. I see on the news that they now are targeting George Washington and defaced and tore down a statue of him. I can only assume that Thomas Jefferson is next.

Does this mean that every thing in the country must now take the name Washington from our overly sensitive view to protect someone from his vast shadow? Let’s destroy the Washington Monument and burn down Mount Vernon and Monticello. I personally will have to disavow Washington because I graduated from Washington High School in Fremont (uh-oh, what did he do?), California. While we are at it we’ll have to rename a state and our nation’s capitol, get Jefferson and his home off the nickel.

If we take it to the extreme we may have to rename every town, county, city or any other public place which bears the name of someone who offends some poor oversensitive soul. We will now have to rename every offensive thing named after them. I guess the only way we can have peace is to rename those places that offend with say, Martin Luther King, Chief Sitting Bull or for a change of pace how about Carlos Santana?

Most people of Caucasian race alive today have never owned a plantation, owned a slave or even fought for good ole Dixie in the Civil War. My guess is also not many Black folks alive today have actually been slaves on the aforementioned plantations.

You can’t erase history by taking down statues, culling the offenders from the history books. If you hate the images and history of these people who started this great nation so much I suggest that maybe, just maybe we should let folks learn from their mistakes.

As great as these gentlemen were we still can admire the nation that we live in but just maybe we can all learn from these imperfect but admirable men. None among us is perfect and either were they. The time they lived unfortunately carries the stain of slavery and horrible treatment of Native Americans. A lot of honorable people on both sides fought a Civil War and I thought after that slavery was abolished.

You are free. Why not let the past just be the past? Must we ruin our future by destroying our history?

Rick De Knoop lives in Grass Valley.

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