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Rick De Knoop: Cancel them all, I guess

I see that the cancel culture and the statue Nazis have found a new victim: Mahatma Gandhi.

All he did was use non-violent means to drive the British out of India and win liberation for his country. But it is rumored that in his past that he lay with his sisters and in his later years lay with his nieces and grand nieces and thus became an incestuous child molester instead of testing his chastity, as claimed.

Please remove all his statues and monuments. He can join a famous cast of others who liberated a people from British colonialism, but although flawed ended up creating the United States.

He joins Washington, Jefferson and many other slave owners who must now lose all their statues and monuments because a few among us deem it necessary to remove them from history.

And now under attack is the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln. He freed the slaves but was somewhat unkind to Native Americans and now must be stricken from history.

How about the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.?. FBI files showed that he, a minister of the faith, strayed to other women while married. Should the new statue come down and should all streets, holiday and monuments to him cease to exist?

Speaking of the FBI, it has been shown that J. Edgar Hoover was a closeted gay who hired his lover to be second in command at the FBI, all the while compiling files and records of other gay Americans and when it suited him, releasing some of those facts to the tabloid press. I guess we’ll have to change the name of the FBI building and erase him from history, as well.

Part of the greatness of our country is that among other things, we figured out in less than 100 years that slavery was wrong and fought a horrible and costly war to save the Union and thus outlaw slavery from our lives.

The reality is that the people who populated the South were looking through 19th century eyes. The Confederate states were born in that culture and fought to keep the only lives they knew. Through the eyes of the 19th century, they thought their cause was to the just. Looking through the eyes of the 21st century, we know they were wrong. Now those people are having their statues and monuments torn down as punishment to erase them from history.

Who is next? In their righteousness will they now condemn others who weren’t perfect? I guess we can start with a few. How about Bobby and Jack Kennedy, who allegedly had flings with Marilyn Monroe while married, and especially JFK because he was known to have a wandering eye.

How about Bill Clinton, who was known to chase every skirt he was near and in an absolute abuse of power as the president, took advantage of a smitten young intern in the White House? Should we close the Clinton Library and shut down the Clinton Foundation?

As a disclaimer, I must admit that I am far from innocent. I have had my share of transgressions myself. My latest was while passing a kidney stone, I uttered a few words and phrases I’m glad my mom didn’t hear, but I know that the Heavenly Father probably did. I hope he understands.

Speaking of Yahweh the Creator, he also showed signs of intolerance. He must have an anger management problem because he cast Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden for eating an apple and has unleashed all sorts of plagues and pestilence upon his human creations.

He, while passing through Judea, stopped in Nazareth. He was really upset at how the Romans were treating the children of Israel and must have looked unhappy. Mary, upon seeing him, offered him comfort and he left her carrying his child although she was married to another. We all know who that was.

I guess the only person left who deserves sainthood and a statue is Joseph himself. He forgave Mary’s slip up and in doing that also forgave God himself for violating the sanctity of his marriage.

We won’t have to worry about statues for the last president and the My Pillow guy because they have stained their legacies themselves with their behavior after the last election.

There, now have I started to prove to anyone how stupid the cancel culture and self righteous statue Nazis are and how wrong it is for any of us to thus judge others while ourselves being less than perfect. I hope so.

Rick De Knoop lives in Grass Valley.

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