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Richard J. Borlik: I’ve got a few bones to pick with recent columns

Richard J. Borlik | Other Voices

Well, it was a banner day for the “Big Lie” pundits (Rogers, Dec. 10.), “little lie” anti-Pope pundits (Finstad, Dec. 10), and MLK “expert” pundits (Drake, Dec. 11), all from editions of The Union.

In a veritable trifecta of two-bit nonsense, you first, Mr. Publisher. Make your consistent light fun of the hayseeds who “believe the Big Lie,” as you call it. Answer these two questions:

1. Would Mr. Biden have been elected if he had publicly proclaimed in his campaign speeches that he intended to dissolve the country’s southern borders and thus let the citizens of California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas fare for themselves in confronting cartels, slave-traders, drug-pushers, and, oh yes, political refugees?

2. Would he have been elected if he had stated his intention to end abruptly the admittedly stupid war in Afghanistan in this manner? First evacuate all of our heroic generals and their staff, then the sub-staff (you know, their aides-de-camp, briefing room set up people, food/drink preparers, caddies, dancing ladies, boot and brass polishers, etc.), then the war fighters (you know, the grunts), then the combat service support personnel (food, clothing, TP ..), then our foreign assistants (translator/interpreters, country experts and informants who with their families took the big chance), then our cache of $65 billion to $80 billion worth of taxpayer-funded equipment (weapons, uniforms, bio-sensors, vehicles, etc.).

Wait: not enough time for those last two, so to hell with ’em! Perhaps Joe Biden would have been elected anyway. Maybe. The current president doesn’t have exclusive rights on being dumb, after all. But four-star generals Millie and Miller at least went to some war college somewhere.

But would Biden have been elected if the American public had not been fed stories by certain media outlets like the alphabet TV networks and the last big newsprint source (since UPI sold to the Moonies) as well — The Associated Press? The Union prints AP articles consistently, and did so in covering the term of then President Trump.

To say that the AP is agenda-ridden may be an exaggeration, but its puff pieces for Joe, Kammy, Hilly, that hyphenated named person who shows up way too often in the news saying something ludicrous, and assorted angry finger-pointers and troubled Trotskyites, malcontents. Or poop pieces for the evil Donald and his unenlightened drones have since 2016 dominated the paper and airways.

This reverse of the “Big Lie” is pure conjecture, of course, but doesn’t it still stick in your craw, oh worthy publisher? I ask Mr. Rogers to harken back to Journalism I, the definition of objective reporting and the distinction between yellow journalism and journalism; and answer this: Did you distinguish any difference in the AP feeds relating to the then sitting president from 2016 to 2020 and the AP feeds you receive now that pertain to the current chief executive?

Was it all just a case of reprising the late Sen. S.I. Hayakawa’s quote about the Panama Canal — “We stole it fair and square” — and we should all shut up? OK, let’s move on to …

End the tenure of Pope Francis (The Union “Other Voices,” Dec. 10): Mr. Finstead has the prayers of all his former brother knights of Columbus, from whom he withdrew by default some years ago. Really! We all also pray for President Biden’s safety and good leadership as president as well, in case you were wondering. Hatred of mankind, or any portion thereof, has no place in Catholicism. We submit to a higher authority.

As did the man who is the subject of my final entry in this commentary: Mr. Drake’s entitled “Other Voices,” “Kings words misunderstood.” It is commendable that Bill Drake knows a lot about King, has studied his books, and taught his philosophy to people.

I grew up in the South during the civil rights movement when segregation, although waning, still existed. The man’s message was clear and decisive and challenging. But it was most of all right.

I don’t believe that, as Mr. Drake put it, “at the end of his life (King) was disheartened at the unexpected degree of white resistance to equality” because as an eloquent thinker he knew this would be the case. Instead, I believe that he was joyous from the enthusiastic reception of his lessons, sermons and campaigns by all good people, including those white, as the author puts it.

Mr. Drake misses the mark on one important thing about the man. We honor him appropriately as we who wish to understand what he really meant to us, as The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a disciple of his Lord, and a few of ours as well! This, and his courage, is what makes him a great and indomitable man. He’s probably a saint as well (or so I believe!). Not referring to him in this way is a disservice.

Richard J. Borlik lives in Penn Valley.


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