Richard J. Borlik: A farewell to The Donald |

Richard J. Borlik: A farewell to The Donald

All of this impeachment stuff serves only to alert future students of history to stop at the time frame of 2017-21 and review the weird situation when any Congress would spend so much time and money trying to rid the country of its president, an unusual character by the name of Donald J. Trump.

Well he just didn’t fit into the mold of the Ivy League lawyer hanging posters, begging money and promising everything to everyone. This guy was a fairly rich socialite and business entrepreneur, a playboy, and even a TV game show host. Idolized by the American media, he was thus rather easily identifiable by most Americans, particularly those who do plebeian things like shop at a store.

He thus sidestepped the first and most formidable task of any lawyer-to-politician wannabe — recognizability, with an envy factor of 7.5, or moderately high. Even worse was his fairly efficient use of modern media techniques of communicating to state his case (envy factor 4.1, or moderate). Finally, he was one hell of a bossy SOB and content with it (envy factor undetermined).

Thrust onto the throne of president by our mysterious electors, he then ran the show much like his corporations, with some successes and failures, and lots of envy because his administration once again sidestepped the need to consult, be advised by, or kowtow to the usual camp followers, in this case the D.C. establishment of PACs, defense consulting firms, social “experts,” retired generals who could no longer pass the PT or weight scale tests, and other palm greasers. Congress couldn’t be bothered; they were too busy impeaching him.

This caused much antagonism and an ever greater degree of envy, leading to being despised by lots of folks: communications execs who were his tools, a most annoying thing to such proud men; and formerly essential D.C. “professionals“ who were forced to hibernate in their D.C. brownstones for four years before emerging to vote 93% against him in 2020, a statistic perilously close to the ”record high“ 99% pro vote in the USSR’s Khrushchev/Brezhnev/Kosygin limelight years of leading the USSR into a Soviet version of world domination in the ’60s through the ’80s, almost.

Well, to have 93% of your district’s hack lawyers vote against you must count for something, and in this case it increased the envy factor, as well as despisal quotient, by a new 43.8% “grrrrrrr” factor (verifiable by the truth-versus-lie app, which might be somewhere out there in the ethers).

Now all of that is bad enough, but when you throw in the fact that the economy boomed, all ethnic and gender groups flourished in employment and wage-earning categories, and the evil foreign empires became so unnerved by President Trump’s irascible lingo and “get it done” mentality that they cowered in our shadow, and reconciled with their tribal competitors, leading to a peaceful-enough situation in which we weren’t all blown to smithereens.

Note: This led to newer criteria of envy and despisal far beyond the “grrrr” factor, approaching the final “grrrr-snort” category, which in the tabulars of envy identifiers is eclipsed only by “the unspeakable.”

Fortunately for those haters of too-long neckties, cranky language, governmental directness, and just having to say tedious things like pledges (you know, that “allegiance” thing) and trite phrases like “so help me God,” the coms boys (our new W.R. Hearsts) stepped in to hoodwink our press and media outlets with their masterful employment of hyperbole and subjective catch-phrases, and voila, suddenly Donald Trump is out, facing his 13th impeachment (or is it the 14th?).

Now we are back to boring committee hearings and interminable delays in getting things done, and the unlikelihood of getting big things done well, all topped off by a D.C. governmental complex of dreary, but once glorious, complex of razor-wire encampments heavily guarded by (supposedly) loyal troops on a “24/7” mission combating ennui and little else. But the D.C. brownstones are now happy; so is silicon. And AOC (female Narcissus) is less threatened by her boogeymen.

The bottom line is this: Two factors made Donald Trump an enemy of the woke folk — he got things done, and he was the most pro-life president in the nation’s history (for this, he had a good and beautiful spiritual adviser).

Cafeteria Joe and VP Kammy (POTUS and Lotus) are shamefully diminished in comparison. And finally if, as some say, Jan. 6, 2021, was an “insurrection,” then the Boston Tea Party was the 5th Punic War.

Richard J. Borlik lives in Penn Valley.

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