Richard Cristdahl: United or divided? You’ve been duped |

Richard Cristdahl: United or divided? You’ve been duped

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Richard Cristdahl

Don’t feel bad, everyone in the working/nonworking class, about 80% of the population, has been duped for over 200 years.

Although things are changing with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren presenting programs that a majority of working/nonworking people, are now wanting, that makes the neo-aristocrats, the wealthy 0.001% of the population, worried. Because the system that’s been controlling you has shown a crack, and in the previous election it widen.

The Founding Fathers, headed by James Madison, setup the governing system to keep you the working/nonworking people controlled. This brilliant system has protected the Aristocracy’s wealth, and quelled the greatest fear they had when writing the Constitution, when they gave everyone rights and protection under its umbrella. Today that system is still pulling the wool over your eyes, as it has done to others throughout history.

The aristocrats’ fear was that the common people would figure out how to use the power of their large population against the them. If they did, they could vote them out of government, and then vote in laws that could reduce their wealth. You will see that the democracy within the republic, along with the political party system, was the culprit that diminished your power. Not that those institutions are corrupt in themselves. It was the way they were setup and administrated that was so diabolically-brilliant and effective.

The aristocrats’ fear was that the common people would figure out how to use the power of their large population against the them.

James Madison wrote his solutions in his 1887 Federalist Paper No. 10, where he stated, “A republic, by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect, and promises the cure for which we are seeking.” That single sentence outlined the foundation for the “cure” of the problem that seemed so foreboding to the Aristocrats.

The key phrase is “scheme of representation.” In a republic, a small group represents the people, the democracy part is that the people get to vote for the people that govern them. The diabolical-brilliance in Madison’s Republic was the “scheme of representation,” the Democracy part being an illusion. An illusion because both party leaderships would be picked and maintained by the wealthy aristocrats. Therefore, they got to select the people that would govern.

In other words, all the viable candidates throughout history that people have voted for, were picked by the aristocrats. For president, the exceptions were Teddy Roosevelt and Ross Perot. That is up until Trump in 2016, the crack, and AOC’s Squad in 2018, when the crack widened. They were picked by the people, not party leadership. The Republican leadership got lucky with Trump, he was already part of the Swamp; but the Democratic leadership wasn’t so lucky with the Squad.

Now the neo-aristocratic leadership is worried about Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and especially their social programs. Even with right-wing-left-wing corporate media, and Republican candidates; alongside Democratic moderate and billionaire candidates campaigning against them and their programs, the tide isn’t stemming. If one were elected it could be Trump-in-reverse or their worse fear coming true.

There are growing numbers of people that are seeing the need and wanting dynamic change. The neo-aristocrat’s hope of maintaining control of the presidency, if Trump is defeated, is Biden — and before they dropped out moderate PAC loyal candidates like Buttigieg and Klobuchar — or Bloomberg.

What’s saving these neo-aristocrats now is the second part of Madison’s plan, also outlined in FPN10. He stated, “ … divided mankind into parties, inflamed them with mutual animosity, and rendered them much more disposed to vex and oppress each other than to co-operate for their common good.”

Can you believe this? The two-party system, along with the divide-and-conquer technique, was outlined 232 years ago in FPN10, and the way these techniques have been used, has kept the working/nonworking people polarized, powerless, and controlled, throughout history. All because the wealthy thought that you commoners might take some of their money.

You and all Democrats, conservatives, independents, Republicans, liberals and moderates have been “vexing and oppressing each other” over abortion, immigration, gun-control, LBGTQ Rights and other things rather “than cooperating for your common good” for decades. You all have been duped by billionaires propagandizing you by distorting those issues and your ideas about people, to polarize and control you.

The power-of-the-vote is still there, it’s been waiting for you for 232 years. Are you going to wait some more, continuing to be controlled? Or set your distorted ideas about people and issues aside and seek compromise? Will you then unite-and-vote-together as a powerful group, to get your government working for you?

It’s possible because “United you’re in control, divided you’re controlled.”

Richard Cristdahl lives in Nevada City.

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