Richard Cristdahl: The billionaire’s lament |

Richard Cristdahl: The billionaire’s lament

“Raindrops” is a 1961 hit song by Dee Clark that’s descriptive of what’s being said recently from billionaires Cooperman, Gates and Bloomberg. The 607 billionaires that make up this class in the United States are mainly comprised of wealthy old rich males, and the hypocrisy of their crying about the programs that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are proposing needs to be questioned.

These wealthy old rich males seem scared that one of them might be elected President, those programs will get enacted, and they will have to pay for them. As they should, because these “social programs” will help reduce the wealth gap by providing needed help so that working/nonworking class families will be able to live sustainable lives. Like back in the 1950s. Those were the people’s “Golden Years,” which took the wealthy old rich males 50 years and billions of dollars of corrupting the government and the media to change it back for themselves; and it could all be coming to an end.

What’s really causing raindrops is the 2% wealth tax. Wealthy old rich males can remember back to 1916 when their predecessor wealthy old rich males promoted the 2% income tax to pay for the “national debt,” which hadn’t been created yet by the newly created Federal Reserve Bank that the wealthy old rich males got in 1913 by supporting Wilson for President. These wealthy old rich males know that what worked for them back then could work again, but this time it would work against them.

As a side note, this shows you who writes the history books. Woodrow Wilson created the FED, income tax, and got us into World War I; and he’s been portrayed to have been an excellent president. Those three things were very good and profitable for the rich, but they were disastrous for the working/nonworking class. It was the beginning of enslavement to the future National Debt, and the loss of the “Gold Standard” in 1933 and 1971, made that debt impossible to pay back. Locking the people into servitude, forever. The wealthy old rich males profit from war, get bailouts, and the people pay.

The social programs that Warren and Sanders are proposing are not a Right vs. Left battle, as these wealthy old rich males would like everyone to believe. This is a “class battle for power,” one between the wealthy old rich males (super rich 1%) with their minions (rich 19%) against all of you, no matter who you are. The majority of wealth, who owns practically everything against the majority of people, who when united own the vote, the wealthy old rich males worst fear.

If you will sit down and think about what has been happening to you politically, you will discover that all of you have been pitted against each other on issues that don’t affect you economically. This is so you won’t realize what’s really happening with deregulation, tariffs, foreign policy, global warming, and the damage to your environment. Things that affect you economically, and the things that keep wealthy old rich males rich. It also totally neutralizes your power to rise up against them. Wealthy old rich males are smart.

What about the other side of the “greatest Wall Street economy in history” that they’re having, and things you’re being distracted from? Like your cost of living (rent, food, utilities, bills), your menial job(s), low wages, no job security; the cost of education and healthcare. What about the rising homeless problem and the people who are working and still can’t make ends meet? Do you see wealthy old rich males crying about these issues? Issues that can be addressed with social programs paid for by wealthy old rich males, as they should be.

There never seems to be enough money to address your problems that of the working and nonworking class. For government to make ends meet social programs are often cut to offset tax cuts for the wealthy, like what’s happening now. Where does all that wealth go that’s being generated by the great Wall Street economy?

They may be crying on the outside, but those wealthy old rich males are smiling on the inside. What’s that called besides “they’re happy wealthy old rich males?”

Richard Cristdahl lives in Nevada City.

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