Richard Cristdahl: Some evangelicals begin to look in the mirror |

Richard Cristdahl: Some evangelicals begin to look in the mirror


White evangelicals who are “literalist Christians,” people who believe the Bible to be an exact history of events, are now becoming repentant about their unquestionable loyalty to Trump and are asking themselves questions like: How did this happen? Why did we believe all of Trump’s conspiracy theories? Why did we condone all of Trump’s immoral acts? Why did we hold Trump akin to a demigod?

To start, evangelicals and other literalist Christians believe the largest conspiracy theory of all time, the “Jesus Story.” (I believe Jesus’ deification was plagiarized from mythical pagan deities.) To preserve this myth, literalist Christianity has clandestinely been the most ruthless, bloodiest, deceitful and therefore most hypocritical religious sect of all time, I think.

The Piscean Age will end in 2050. It’s already in decline, and the beginning of the more spiritual Aquarian Age, which is already in progress, will take over where common sense prevails and the unused and cherry-picked moral values have failed.

Teachings original to Jesus (He left no written work): “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”; and, “if someone slaps your cheek, offer the other.” If Christians had followed these two directives, the world would be a more peaceful and loving place to be in, but they haven’t.

The history of literalist Christians whose genocide (history says eradicated) of all Christians in sects that didn’t conscribe to their Jesus story in the second to foruth centuries, along with the four Crusades to remove Muslims from Jerusalem; the Malleus Maleficarum, which translated to “The Witches’ Hammer,” initiating 300 years of witch killings and 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition; are just some of the reasons literalist Christians might be the most ruthless and bloodiest.

The Christians who did all of this broke their own moral code, the Ten Commandments listed in the Old Testament, which is the Jewish Bible plagiarized by Constantine and Christian leaders at the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE. Christianity did not take responsibility or show penitence for the above crimes.

On Sept. 14, 1591, Pope Gregory the Great merged the three Marys in the Bible, which branded Mary Magdalene a prostitute, furthering the degradation of women by the church. The ability to buy yourself a place in heaven with indulgences enraged Martin Luther and led to the creation of the Protestant branch of Christianity. Using undying faith in the face of proven scientific facts, biological and physiological impossibilities to perpetuate lies are why literalist Christianity is considered by many the most deceitful religion, and literally a House of Cards.

When you compare Trump to evangelicalism, evangelical leaders’ misdealings are similar to Trump’s misdealings, and his turbulent reign was similar to literalist Christianity’s turbulent reign.

No wonder evangelicals followed him. Some will continue to no follow him matter what, because that’s just who they are.

Richard Cristdahl lives in Nevada City.

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