Richard Cristdahl: Nevada City Council members should protect the people who elected them |

Richard Cristdahl: Nevada City Council members should protect the people who elected them

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Richard Cristdahl

It would be nice if governments would do things that benefit the people they serve, but in reality it doesn’t work that way.

Instead they’re self-serving, and many times against the needs of the people, putting the entities survival ahead of the people’s. In fact, that’s exactly what people who are hired by the city are hired to do, to administrate and protect the city, and in doing so they protect their jobs.

But, our elected officials have a different job, their job is to protect the people who elected them; even if it’s at the detriment of the city. Now hopefully these two counter forces can compromise and work out policies that benefit the people without jeopardizing the solvency of the city.

The Nevada City Council members Duane Strawser, Erin Minett, David Parker, and Valerie Moberg have lost sight of their duty to the citizens of Nevada City, and are acting more like hired city employees. They have taken an existing wireless ordinance that had some protections for the people, and stripped these protections out, rendering the “New wireless Ordinance” a Telecom (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobil/Sprint) friendly ordinance that has virtually no protections for the people of Nevada City.

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They need to change their course of action immediately … or they have to be recalled.

This ordinance was crafted by the City and Strawser, Minett, Parker, and Moberg so that there would be no way telecom could sue them, which means the ordinance allows telecom to do what they want, when they want, and how they want. Exposing the people of Nevada City to high levels of radiation by telecom’s ability, under this ordinance, to put Small High Amplitude Radiation Devices (SHARDs) or 5G antennas that were originally patented as a weapon for crowd control, directly in front or very close to your home, business, or your child’s school; without any public discussion or recourse.

Nobody wants one of these in front of their home (they will have no choice), so think of what this does to the value of properties that do have one. These Council members, Strawser, Minett, Parker, and Moberg are not acting like your elected representatives. They need to change their course of action immediately and put the health, safety, and welfare of the people they serve first, or they have to be recalled.

Mayor Reinette Senum has been the only voice for the people on the council. She has presented realistic alternatives that are protected by recent California Supreme Court decisions, and that are embedded in ordinances of other cities throughout California. These alternatives that are new or have been stripped from the old ordinance have been rejected, for the new ordinance, time after time by Strawser, Minett, Parker, and Moberg, citing an attorney’s viewpoint that they hired to protect the city, as their validation for their actions.

Strawser, Minett, Parker, and Moberg hired Baron J. Bettenhausen from the legal firm of Jones and Mayer, who specialize in City Attorney Services, and nine other services, none that include Wireless Ordinances. At Mayor Senum’s request, Lawrence “Rusty” Monroe was hired as a consultant to help this attorney. Rusty is an attorney with 35 years of experience, first for telecom and now providing services exclusively to local governments. Rusty has drafted and designed wireless, tower and siting regulatory ordinances that are now in effect in nearly 800 client communities in 33 states; his ordinances have been copied and adopted in one form or another in what has been reported to be hundreds of other communities.

The Wireless Ordinance that Strawser, Minett, Parker, and Moberg have drafted, voted for, and passed, relied totally on the feedback from Bettenhausen for the entire ordinance. As of Oct. 2, those council members have not given the ordinance to Rusty for review.

At the Oct. 2 council meeting Strawser, Minett, Parker, and Moberg said they understood the concerns of the over hundred people that were present and testified for Mayor Senum’s amendments, but they had to protect the City. They did that by giving telecom everything they wanted, so they wouldn’t sue them. Strawser, Minett, Parker, and Moberg are not your representatives, and they need to be immediately recalled.

Your last chance to have input and stop this ordinance is at the Nevada City Council meeting 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, at City Hall, 317 Broad St. Be there.

Richard Cristdahl lives in Nevada City.

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