Rich Lierly: We don’t all have cell and internet service at home |

Rich Lierly: We don’t all have cell and internet service at home

I am writing out of frustration with my fellow Nevada County residents who seem to believe everyone in the county has good cell and internet service.

I have lived in — and for the most part loved — Nevada County (Penn Valley) since 2000. But I can tell you that in the past 17 years my cell and internet has gotten worse not better!

I used to get minimal cell service at my home. Now I get no cell service at all. My internet used to be OK (no video streaming but fine for email, internet searches … as long as you are not in a hurry). Now there are many times when I get no internet at all! For these reasons I need to keep a land line (phone). Well guess what? That has gotten worse.

I have had AT&T out to look at things many, many times. But unfortunately the technicians tell me that the systems are “old and over capacity and need to be replaced/upgraded.” But AT&T will “not invest to upgrade the service” (this is a rural area and I am assuming not enough payers to make it economically feasible). It has gotten so bad that now at times I have no outside communications from my home.

In fact, the day of the fires (Oct. 9) I woke up to no cell service, no internet, no land line and no electricity … plus the road leading into my area was blocked by downed trees (over 35 properties with our only means of escape blocked) and smoke pouring in!

You can imagine how my neighbors and I felt — truly “on our own!” Luckily, and out of necessity, we are resilient and got out chain saws and tractors to open the access and were prepared to fight the fire — which, thank God, never came … this time.

Then I read in The Union on Nov. 30 that my fellow citizens do not want AT&T to upgrade their service (install new cell towers) because they are afraid the cell signals might be hurting the bees! OMG, can you imagine my (and others like me) frustration and anger?

Please keep in mind that we don’t all live in town and many of us need cell/internet service as a lifeline to the outside world.

Rich Lierly lives in Penn Valley.

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