Rich Lierly: One potential solution to school shootings |

Rich Lierly: One potential solution to school shootings

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Rich Lierly

It breaks my heart to hear of yet another senseless school shooting. Our children are our most priceless resource and need to be protected!

As is true with most problems, the solution to this one is most likely not anyone thing but instead a combination of different actions.

At its core, I believe the real problem is a heart issue, “If a person wants to kill others there are many ways to do it.” We have all heard the argument that it is not the gun it is the person; “guns are just a tool,” “If you outlaw guns (or any particular type of gun) then only criminals will have guns,” “the Second Amendment wasn’t meant to protect target shooting or hunting but to make sure our citizens can guarantee their freedoms are protected from all (including any government foreign or domestic).”

Rather than focus on what I don’t think can solve this problem let’s look at potential solutions on as many “fronts” as possible. One suggestion that appears very sound to me is this: instead of having police/sheriff offices and substations in remote areas, locate them on school grounds. This to me seems like a win-win on many levels.

First, the schools would no longer be as soft of a target (since you would have armed and trained law enforcement on scene at all times). Second, the children, teacher and parents would have more day to day positive interaction with law enforcement improving the view and understanding of each by the other. Third, it would not require hiring or training special security but instead would more fully utilize those already trained in our own community.

I know in my neighborhood we have a sheriff’s substation in a shopping center. Instead of that location, locate it at one or both of the nearby schools. It seems that the additional costs would be minimal, and the potential benefits could be priceless!

Just one idea that I think has merit and might be one part of a multi-pronged solution to this terrible problem. God bless …

Rich Lierly lives in Penn Valley.

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