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Ricardo Fuentes: Science is only ‘true’ when the data is true

Ricardo Fuentes
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Concerning the letter to The Union dated Nov. 2 by Glen Garrod, under opinion, I feel sorry that Mr. Garrod probably cannot sleep at night.

The earth and humanity are not going to end in your lifetime, or anyone else’s. I am old enough to remember when the scare was global cooling (look it up). Since the cooling catastrophe did not occur, the next progressive alarm was global warming. Since that is not happening according to the plan, it is now climate change — a convenient way of covering all your bases since the climate does change.

I have approximately 120 articles I copied over the last 10 years or so on the subject. Several of the articles describe how some raw data has been manipulated or fabricated. Science is only “true” when the data is true. You can make statistics indicate anything based on how you manipulate the data. And, computer programs can be written or tweaked to give any result you want.

Other articles describe how scientists who disagree with the progressive mantra are marginalized, fired, or not published in “peer reviewed” journals. If you disagree with the journal management/editors, you do not get published. Disagreeable scientists are ostracized, denied promotions, etc. In the private/academic environment, it means no grants.


The man-made climate change hoax generates enough fear (an emotional reaction) that insecure people will follow whatever the progressive/liberal elite want. Ultimately, it is all about the money — billions and billions.

Yes, insulation, alternative energy, LED lights, etc. are good. But it all comes at a cost. Not a “free choice,” but a government mandate we all pay for directly or indirectly. California carbon credits have done nothing to reduce carbon emissions. You want to emit more carbon than the government allows? Just buy more carbon credits. Al Gore is making a fortune brokering carbon exchange; while he flies all over the world in private jets.

Progressives/liberals often claim a “consensus of scientist.” Science is not based on consensus; either something is scientifically proven with 100 percent repeatability or it is not a fact. There are numerous scientists who do not ascribe to the concept of man-made, long-term, global climate change. Yes, man can alter local climate to some extent such as warmer temperatures on an asphalt parking lot or the effect of clear cutting the Amazon forest; but not long-term global changes.

Scientist tell us there have been several ice ages; with the last one ending approximately 10,000 years ago. The last ice age covered almost half of North America with ice (Laurentide ice sheet).

Since there were only a handful of cave men (and women) sitting around a camp fire — what ended the last ice age and the ones before that?

Ricardo Fuentes lives in Grass Valley.

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