Reinette Senum: Imagine a sustainable, safe and prosperous future for Nevada City |

Reinette Senum: Imagine a sustainable, safe and prosperous future for Nevada City

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Reinette Senum

I am very proud of the progress I have helped to advance for Nevada City’s economy, people, and quality of life over the past 15 years.

Our community is now on the cusp of culminating or securing several game-changing projects for Nevada City. Including moving forward with Request for Proposals (RFPs) for Nevada City’s Old Airport solar project and our goals for crafting a comprehensive Fire Safety and Evacuation plan with our citizens this spring. With your vote, I am hoping to continue my service to Nevada City’s citizens with this coming work cycle of 2020-2024.


A lot has changed over the last decade. When I served my first term on the Nevada City City Council 10 years ago, things were a lot simpler. Fast forward to today and you well understand how we have had to face escalating challenges such as threat of catastrophic forest fires, homeowners insurance policy cancellations, PG&E blackouts, a rising homeless population, lack of workforce housing, a shortage of livable-wage positions, limited fiber optics, declining forest/watershed quality, and local student attrition, to name a few. No one will work harder than me to find and implement excellent and practical solutions.

When challenges arise, I find creative solutions such as improving our local organic food network by cofounding the iconic Nevada City Farmers Market in 2008. In 2011, I helped cofound the homeless organization, Sierra Roots, and its Extreme Weather Shelter. In 2013, I championed, along with our Nevada City Police Department, Nevada City’s annual citywide cleanings.


I am always ready to give my all in helping the City to tackle its pressing challenges and opportunities. It was in 2007 I helped champion energy audits and the installation of solar panels on all municipally-owned buildings including Nevada City City Hall.

I want to continue my ongoing work toward Nevada City’s renewable energy future. The Old Airport site is an ideal multi-use property that can accommodate both a robust solar project with plenty of room left over for interpretive hiking trails, and open space, and more. I am very proud of my consistent leadership around a 100% renewable future for Nevada City, and am so grateful that after enduring PG&E’s damaging blackouts, we have truly come to understand the economic and ecological benefits of providing 100% renewable energy, security, and lower carbon-living to all of Nevada City.


At our last January City Council meeting, the conceptual drawings for a multi-use 190-car parking structure behind The National Hotel were given a thumbs-up by the City Council. This parking structure will nearly double our available parking in downtown, and will create expanded economic vitality while generating an additional stream of revenue for the City and downtown businesses. Included in this RFP the City Council has requested electric car charging, solar energy, and a space within the structure to be converted into an extreme weather shelter for the homeless during harsh weather events.


Most recently, I was able to agendize, and received City Council approval for, the Sierra Fund’s request to write and submit a $100,00 California Resiliency Challenge grant for Nevada City that will create fire safety goals and objectives based on excellent work done by our local Firewise groups. It’s imperative that we have clear, measurable, and actionable goals in mid-2020 around our forest/watershed health that is directly related to fire preparedness. While the crowdfunding campaign I launched in 2018, Goat Fund Me Nevada City, gained national and international recognition, now is the time to scale up our efforts exponentially to meet the challenges we face today.


As I ask for your vote on March 3 (or before, through early voting), also consider the opportunity to have additional strong, positive minded, and action-oriented council members at the council table. I seek creative collaboration in providing affordable housing, reducing homelessness, and expanding safe and reliable internet fiber optic technology for businesses and residents.

Today, we need a dynamic and dedicated team of City Council members who will put in the time, energy, and the hard work that is necessary. Even though we are all volunteers, we need highly engaged City Council members now more than ever.

Please go to for more information on our past accomplishments and latest plans and vision for a safe, secure, and prosperous future.

Reinette Senum is currently running for re-election to Nevada City Council for 2020 to 2024. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the City or City Council. To find out more, go to:

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