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Randi Briggs: Our once great state

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Randi Briggs

Welcome to California! The only Third World country that exists inside the USA.

Our cities are covered in human waste and drug paraphernalia. The waterways and oceans are full of sewage because the homeless are using them as their personal porta-pottys. The streets are covered in trash and tent cities and, of course let’s not forget the rats. We no longer have a functioning or dependable power source.

Incidentally, California is the only state that not only can’t keep the power functioning and prevent brownouts, but purposefully turns the power off if there is a breeze.

We have many formerly extinct virus and bacterial outbreaks coming in with illegal aliens who have more rights and privileges than actual citizens, but we do get the privilege of paying for all of this. Did you know that 63% of the illegal immigrants that come into California go onto welfare – and never go off? Sacramento is one of the biggest hubs of human trafficking.

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It is sad to see what is happening to our once great state.

We are emptying our prisons, and get this — the California legislature wants felons to serve on juries. What could possibly go wrong?

The people of this state vote for propositions on the ballot just to have this Legislature and governor say, “They know better what’s best for us.” Talk about tin pot dictators…

So you may be voting, but nobody cares ­— certainly not the legislators. Remember the bond measure we passed for water storage projects? That was years ago. Do you see anything happening on that front (don’t include the Orville Dam for that – most of that money was federal)? Do you remember the fire tax we all had to pay? Not even 5 cents of that money went for fire prevention, firefighters or fire fighting equipment. All of it went into the general fund to be used for wasteful pet projects for the former and present governors.

Don’t even get me started on all the new gas taxes. Traveling out of California is a pleasure. As soon as you leave the state, gas prices drop at least a dollar. What could you do with that extra money?

California was once a wonderful place to live but I expect the exodus will continue unless we can replace the people in our legislature who are the problem, and this particular governor, nothing is going to change and we are going to continue to get worse and worse. They say doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

As it applies to the governing body of this state, that is absolutely true.

I have lived in California for 60 years. I remember how wonderful it once was. It is sad to see what is happening to our once great state.

Randi Briggs lives in Smartsville.

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