Phil Summers: No cell tower? Then get rid of your phone |

Phil Summers: No cell tower? Then get rid of your phone

I recently attended zoning hearings on three cell phone tower approvals. I witnessed a parade of folks desperately trying to make cell towers “somebody else’s problem.”

The reasons given ranged from adverse health effects on humans and wildlife to a conspiracy within the WHO. I assume that most people at the hearings own and use a cell phone. Regardless of the validity of claims against cell towers, I see this a blatant display of double standards and abdication of personal responsibility.

In my view, if you own a cell phone, you need a cell tower somewhere, and so you create the “problem” you are most opposed to. Read … “I can use my cell phone, but someone, somewhere else, can get cancer.”

If you own a cell phone please “own” the unpleasantness involved in the technology and share the responsibility for it. We (the affluent), have been so good at not living with the consequences of our actions by making any unpleasantness “somebody else’s problem.” We move all that stuff to a part of town where folks don’t complain and can’t afford lawyers. And, if something unfortunate happens to us, we sue someone.

Now, suddenly, we are faced with a “problem” that, by its very nature, has to be located in our own backyards. It seems that a lot of people in this area are opposed to a cell tower being near them, but you can guarantee they all reach for their phones when the next fire rages through their neighborhood, their loved one is bleeding out in the passenger seat or their child goes missing.

Regulation and public input are essential, but if you are opposed to cell towers, get rid of your cell phone. If you are opposed to cell towers and refuse to own a cell phone, I salute you for the courage of your convictions.

Phil Summers lives in Nevada City.

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