Paula Orloff: Why some health care workers oppose the flu shot mandate |

Paula Orloff: Why some health care workers oppose the flu shot mandate

Editor’s note: The mainstream of health organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control, strongly recommend flu vaccines as the best protection against the flu. Adverse reactions to flu vaccines remain rare and flu vaccines have a good safety record, according to the CDC. This is an alternative viewpoint referencing advocacy organizations skeptical of vaccinations generally.

Most locals were unaware of the health care workers’ testimony during public comment at the Oct. 27 Board of Supervisors meeting. In spite of the power outage over 100 health care workers, relatives and supporters attended to oppose the mandate of the Nevada County Public Health Officer Richard Johnson that health care workers take the flu vaccine.

The hearing is on CountyCA/. Select “more,” then “video.”

One speaker observed these health care workers are heroes on the front line of care. From the comments of the many health professionals and supporters, it is apparent they are not ignorant crackpots. They have sound reasons to oppose the notion that the flu vaccine protects themselves and their patients.

An attorney whose wife is a health worker observed there are many peer reviewed studies that show the flu and other vaccines increase the risk of subsequent respiratory viruses. The issue is personal because his daughter almost died after receiving the DPT vaccine. His sister-in-law who took the shingles vaccine suffered disabilities for two years.

He asserted that vaccine industry scientists deceive the public about the efficacy of vaccines. The flu vaccine is the leading claim for harm from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program even though it’s a costly process, and very few know about it.

A woman with the California Health Coalition Advocacy whose husband is a health care worker stated that her organization has reported on research that show the flu vaccine doesn’t reduce mortality in any age group. Nor does it reduce hospitalization or complications.

Children that receive the flu vaccine have three times the risk of being hospitalized. Pregnant women who receive the flu shot are seven times more likely to miscarry. According to studies from the UK and the Department of Defense, those who take the flu vaccine are 36% more susceptible to coronaviruses, possibly COVID-19.

Note: A Voice for Choice Advocacy has a well referenced article on COVID-19: “The Flu Vaccine and its Unknown Impact on the Covid Pandemic” reflecting similar effects.

An emergency room nurse with 10 years of experience suffered from vaccines. She experienced pregnancy problems when vaccinated for the flu and DPT as recommended by her doctor. When her daughter was vaccinated as recommended by her pediatrician during the first two scheduled visits, she had serious reactions.

This nurse had never heard of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System though as an emergency nurse she was on the front line of treating vaccine reactions. Informally surveying her nurse co-workers from four hospitals, she found about 90% were also ignorant of it as well. Another speaker related the well-known statistic that only about 1 to 10% of vaccine injuries are ever reported.

A registered nurse who is an organizer with the holistic nurses community received the flu shot in 2016. After eight months and $10,000 of treatment she achieved mobility in the arm that received the shot.

When her daughter suffered brain swelling and couldn’t walk after receiving a doctor recommended shot, she intensively researched vaccines in a five-unit medical research class from which she received an A. She found the flu shot harms more patients than any other shot. When she worked as an advice nurse at Kaiser, she found the sickest patients with the flu had just gotten the flu shot.

Note: Physicians for Informed Consent has well cited research on the flu vaccine that underscores many of the statements by the health professionals: “9 Flu Vaccine Facts, Are Mandates Science Based?”

A number of the speakers noted the vaccine industry makes billions in annual profits but is exempt from compensating patients for vaccine injury. I would add this is based on a 1986 act absolving the vaccine makers of liability for death and damage from vaccines.

Instead, the costly, bureaucratic vaccine “court” pays out damages ($250,000 limit) funded by taxpayers to the small percentage who are aware of its existence.

Some speakers referred to laws that give health care workers rights to determine what medical treatments go into their bodies just as patients have those rights. Many also stressed that those who may be effected by the mandate should not have been cut out of the decision-making process.

Historically, hotly debated concerns such as smoking, DDT, and climate change have been resolved after much discussion and investigation of special interest involvement. The flu and other vaccines need to be considered with open discussion and debate. That’s how we can form reasoned conclusions in a democracy.

Paula Orloff lives in Nevada City.

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