Paul Moore: Investigation is not done until you have all the evidence |

Paul Moore: Investigation is not done until you have all the evidence

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Paul Moore

As a trained historian and amateur builder, I know very well that you cannot put a time limit on work. Either you have found all of the evidence, or the research is not done.

Or a piece of furniture is not done just because the calendar says it is Wednesday.

So it was with a kind of grim chuckle I read Darrell Berkheimer’s column about the Mueller investigation. If we followed Mr. B’s reasoning, the investigation should have been declared over when the Republicans (unilaterally) declared that there was no meddling in the 2016 election by the Russians.

If that is so, then how could the Mueller team come up with such precise and damning evidence about Russian agents?

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I am waiting for the time that Truth can shout itself into public consciousness.

There is no way, given how complex the investigation is, that a complete report can be made before the 2018 mid-term elections. Mr. B even grants that there could be additional evidence of meddling after the election, but he still wants a complete report before the election.

One other item that Mr. B missed in this whole discussion is that it is Trump himself who keeps the focus on the “unfairness” of the whole investigation. If Mr. Trump would just shut his mouth about Hillary’s emails and Mueller’s investigation, we all could relax a lot. But Mr. Trump sincerely believes (and it seems to be working) that if you tell a lie enough times and loud enough, people will accept it as true.

I am waiting for the time that Truth can shout itself into public consciousness.

I must wonder if Mr. B has already decided that conclusions drawn now will clear Mr. Trump. On the other hand, Mr. Trump holds the solution, if we could trust him: he could come clean and tell everything he knows openly and under oath. No closed doors with no witnesses, as in Helsinki.

The chances of that happening are zero.

1. Mr. Trump will not agree to testify (and Mr. Giulliani will constantly interrupt any line of questioning, challenging the relevance of the questions).

2. Mr. Trump has well established over the past couple of years that he is incapable of telling the truth.

Allowed to run its course, the Mueller investigation may discover the truth. And with any luck, there will be no James Comey to throw the game to Trump.

Paul Moore lives in North San Juan.

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