Patrick Wagner: All means none |

Patrick Wagner: All means none

Health care for all means medical treatment for none. There is no better illustration of this reality than in the present day California dilemma of the coronavirus.

It’s California vs. the nation.

As a lifelong California resident who believes in God and believes that all U.S. citizens are equal and are a nation under God, with a blessed pact with each other called the U.S. Constitution, I must apologize for the cocky California government leaders of the past couple of decades.

Don’t get me wrong. I love California. When things are going well, we help America!

When boasting about California’s economy and “politics,” these geniuses always cite California as the fifth biggest economy in the world, separating themselves from the USA, and I find that way too bold. Gavin Newsom is no exception. The sad thing is that California is the fifth biggest debtor in the world.

When a politician (from the industry called politics) or a person in power in any of our other industries that make up the industrial complex of America (also defined by egghead economists as the gross domestic product) gets cocky, they forget about federalism, the standard of our founding and civilized system in America and our true stronghold of freedom and our constitutional republic. By the way, when was it that “politics” became a player in the first place, and could it not be said that cocky is a breach of the restriction of the random or arbitrary exercise of power allowed to our government and protected by our Constitution, such that it becomes very offensive to the other states that make up the union?

Health care is an invention. Medical treatment is a reality. Progressives invented a model in which the decisions about health care of the individual and independent free citizen sovereigns of America were given over to the government. This includes all kinds of decisions. Those decisions are truly the responsibility and opportunity of the individual citizen, as we are finding out. Those decisions are the rights of the individual citizens.

In the present system, the reputation of a doctor isn’t even considered, nor are their skill and judgment in diagnosis and treatment considered. Why? Because the government administrators of health care are on top of it (or so thinks the duped citizen) and the doctors are thumbs up with the plan, which is incorrect and dangerous, and the acquiescent doctors know it and contribute anyway.

It is very disheartening to watch our present day California politicians scare Californians into abject submission. Newsom cannot do it without the help of California physicians, of which I am one. California physicians have completely succumbed to this bizarre, completely dishonest and lethal government rule. Doctors are not fighters, they are healers. Sadly, while under the spell of tyrants, doctors are hurting people. Ethics have been abandoned, and doctors have become dangerous and injurious.

To watch the behavior of Californians and the complete abandonment of common sense when it comes to the responsibility of individual health and the opportunity to take control of individual health is breath taking, as is the nonsensical behavior and abandonment of scientific method of present day California doctors when considering the coronavirus.

There are two pieces of good news for Californians. First, America is wise to Gavin Newsom’s wild abandonment of the restriction of the arbitrary exercise of sheer power. All health care means no medical treatment. It means that natural immunity or herd immunity or population immunity is not valid in his world. And that is a horrible mistake. It is way too bold. It is dangerous, because California is threatened by no more churches, no more education of our precious kids, no more barbershops, no more doctors, no more lawyers, no more policemen, no more home ownerships, no more hospitals, no more banks, no more anything that makes America great. Hell no, Gavin.

Second, California citizens are getting wise. Common sense is coming back. I was born in Los Angeles in 1951, and every time I go back, I recognize what a great place the “City of Angels” is. Hell no, Gavin. That’s my city you are messing with.

We Californians are Americans and we love our cities and our state and our beloved country. We Californians are fixing California, step by step. And we are truly not cocky, and we appreciate our country and our federal government and the governments of all of our states.

Hold the course, America!

Patrick Wagner is a non-practicing licensed California physician. He lives in Nevada City.

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