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Our View: Join the club

It’s almost like Nevada County just got invited into an exclusive club.

Getting past the velvet rope, and accessing a vaccine for COVID-19, has been tough. It started, as it should, with those who were most vulnerable — older residents, frontline health care workers, people in congregate living settings.

But there was always a promise that the club doors would open wider for the rest of us. We just had to remain patient.

Just when we thought it would open to those 50 and older, the rules changed. Now anyone 16 and older in Nevada County who’s eligible can get the vaccine. Get online, sign up and go to your appointment.

Everybody’s getting bottle service at this club, and we’re all getting shots.

Our county got hit with criticism in the early stages of the vaccine rollout, as it should have. Nearby counties were already offering vaccination sign-ups through grocery stores while local officials did little more than offer promises.

Thankfully, we’ve improved since those days. The MyTurn app, while grumpy at first, has evolved into an easy tool for everyone. People now know that the following week’s appointments open up at noon each Friday. They likely refresh the website in the minutes leading up to noon, waiting for the screen to update.

We sure did.

We’re now almost two months away from June 15, when the state intends to lift most of the COVID-19 restrictions we’ve lived under for a year. State officials have said the tier system will disappear. Yes, a mask mandate will remain, but that’s a small price to pay for the re-emergence of the California economy.

We just need to ensure as many people who can receive the shot get it.

The vaccine is what we’ve been waiting for. Regardless of your political persuasion, your age, gender, class, any of it — this vaccine is the answer to how we get back to normal.

The public service campaign about getting the vaccine is well underway. Commercials interrupting radio shows are nothing new.

However, some of the most influential advertisements are those you hear from your doctor or trusted friends.

There will always be some people who refuse to believe the science. They’ll cite some website, claim some anecdote and refuse to take the most basic of steps to protect themselves, their families and their community.

But they’re in the minority. There are plenty of others who are on the fence, and who could be swayed by a doctor, a friend, or a handful of friends, encouraging them to get that shot.

That argument will only be bolstered as more people get inoculated.

Talk about the best way to open doors. This isn’t only about congregating at church or a public gathering. We’re talking about a shot in the arm of the national, even world, economy. People traveling by airplane. Going overseas. Going on a cruise. Seeing family and friends they haven’t hugged for over a year. Even something as basic as getting on a bus or using a rideshare, something many of us have feared since March 2020, turned back into common symbols of commerce.

Adam Smith would be proud.

This talk is no pipe dream. We’re almost there. Parents of kids 16 and older should strongly consider the vaccine for their children. Adults should make their appointments online.

There’s no reason to be left out, because this is a club everyone can join.

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