Nikki Culbertson: Blame for ‘failure to communicate’ belongs with PG&E |

Nikki Culbertson: Blame for ‘failure to communicate’ belongs with PG&E

The piece that ran on the front page of Wednesday’s The Union titled “Failure to communicate” had some incorrect and misleading information. I would like to provide some clarity on the PG&E PSPS issue.

First, sub-metered customers can sign up for PSPS alerts. The author’s statement “PG&E has no record of those customers, and no record means no PSPS notifications” was contradicted later in the article by PG&E spokeswoman Brandi Merlo, who provided the website and phone number that non-account holders can use to sign up for PSPS alerts.

This information has also been provided to the residents in an informational handout, via a resident composed newsletter, and on several notices posted throughout the park. Management does all it can to help the residents stay informed, but at the end of the day people need to take personal responsibility. In Fact, many of the residents of Forest Springs are signed up for text alerts and calls from PG&E.

Second, the author’s statement “As the customer of record, the Forest Springs Mobile Home Park management receives timely and location-specific power shutoff notifications from PG&E” is incorrect. Had the author spoken with the on-site management, printing untrue statements could have been avoided. The park receives automated calls stating that the power may be turned off in a certain time frame, usually 36-48 hours.

Management does all it can to help the residents stay informed, but at the end of the day people need to take personal responsibility.

We have also received generic door hangers from PG&E, explaining the reason for the proposed shutoffs and providing tips for preparing for outages. The “more specific information” the interviewed residents feel is being withheld from them is simply not available.

It is unrealistic to expect a property management company to provide more information than PG&E provides. When the office receives a call or flyer from PG&E we immediately post and distribute that info. However, most of the residents are already aware as they are also receiving the PG&E calls.

I understand the frustrations that these PG&E shutoffs are causing. As a sub-metered customer I am personally affected just as the residents are. The information that PG&E provides is vague and changes often. Being signed up for PG&E notifications will not alleviate the inconvenience, anxiety, and frustrations that the shutoffs are causing.

But whether those affected are account holders or sub-metered, people should keep in mind that the issues are being caused by PG&E and the blame belongs to that company.

Nikki Colbertson is office manager for Forest Springs Mobile Home Community,

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