Nicole Dillard: Booktown Books — not closing |

Nicole Dillard: Booktown Books — not closing

Nicole Dillard
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Booktown Books, located at 107 Bank St. in Grass Valley, is not closing — in fact, we are currently enjoying our 22nd year of continued success and increasing revenue.

For this, we thank our local community for support and repeat business, the Chamber of Commerce for referrals, our out of town repeat customers, our new first-time customers, and not the least, referrals from other bookstores and inclusion in the recently published in England book entitled BOOKTOWNS.

On Aug. 14, The Union ran an article titled, “Bookstore economy” in which the overriding emphasis was regarding two local bookstores planning to close. Unfortunately, and unpredictable by The Union, because they ran very nice pictures of Booktown Books with the article, many readers jumped to the erroneous conclusion that Booktown is closing and came to our store to express condolences. We were able to reassure those people who actually came to the store, but, unfortunately, for those who only said to themselves “too bad, we will miss that store” we, at Booktown are concerned. We reached out to The Union; and a clarification was printed on Aug. 24, page 2, beneath the Police Blotter, indicating that the bookstores mentioned in their article (other than the two closing) “remain open for business.” We appreciate that, but doubtful that it was read as widely as the original article.

Lessons here: For readers, please read the entire article, for newspaper writers and editors, perhaps emphasize the positive up front, especially when using pictures of a successfully operating store with no intention of closing.

As an aside, The Union missed three successfully operating book stores in Nevada City: Main Street Books, Toad Hall and An Inner Sanctum, all in business 22 to 40 years! Who says “people don’t read books anymore?”

Nicole Dillard works at Booktown Books in Grass Valley.

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