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Nancy Eubanks: Time for Trump to go

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Nancy Eubanks

What has happened to the Republican Party in the time of Trump? It used to be the party of “the Moral Majority,” but now blindly support this president who has had multiple adulterous affairs, cheated his charity (he paid a $2 million fine for this transgression), cheated students out of a college education (Trump University) and lies an average of over 10 times every day according to several nonpartisan fact checkers.

Clinton was impeached for lying about an affair — because he had “disgraced the office of the president.” Yet Trump says horrible racist and misogynist things practically every day. And he has derogatory descriptions of anyone who disagrees with him, including veteran heroes like McCain, Lt. Col. Vindman and the Gold Star family, the Khans.

What has happened to the Republican party that used to brag they were the party of law and order? Yet this whole impeachment process shows the party thinks the president is above the law. They agree with Trump’s own words: “I can do anything I want because I am the president.” The Government Accountability Office just released a report saying Trump broke the law when he withheld congressional approved monies to Ukraine. And that he is guilty of obstruction of justice and a cover-up of his illegal acts.

What has happened to the Republican Party that claimed they were the fiscally responsible party, that railed against Obama over and over again because he “dramatically increased the national debt” (even though experts continually pointed out most of the national deficit was due to Bush’s 2 tax cuts and the war in Iraq)? Then, as soon as Republicans got into power, they voted for an enormous tax cut that has now caused the deficit to balloon to over $1 trillion — the biggest in history. This tax cut has led to an even bigger gap between the rich 1% and everyone else.

Trump’s family will probably get over $2 billion in tax cuts. And most of the tax cuts corporations received went to stock buy backs that increased their stock prices and gave dividends to the already rich. The low unemployment and increased job growth touted by the Republicans is a continuation of the Obama era policies — not anything Trump has done.

What happened to the Republican Party that used to care about national security? As we are learning, there is much more to national security than just increasing the military budget. With the killing of General Soleimani, polls show the majority of Americans think we are less safe now. This has been precipitated by Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Iran Nuclear Deal that was negotiated and signed by the European Union, China and Russia. Now Iran is threatening to restart its nuclear program.

He gave North Korea’s Kim Jong Un a platform on the world stage and calls him his BFF. Now North Korea is testing more missiles. We got nothing. Trump’s pardon of Navy Seal Gallagher now tells the world our soldiers can do anything — kill innocent people, kill prisoners, kill children and the elderly — and our soldiers won’t be held accountable. This tells our enemies that they can do anything to our soldiers, thus putting them in greater danger.

And what is this love affair with Russia? If Obama had gotten help with his election campaign from Russia, the Republicans would be howling. When Romney was running for president, he named Russia our No. 1 enemy. Now we have a Republican Party that is downplaying the seriousness of Russian interference in our elections. And the Republican Party and Trump continue to spread the fake narrative that it was the Ukraine, not Russia, that interfered in our election — contrary to all our intelligence agencies’ findings, including the Mueller Report. Betraying our Kurdish allies tells the world you can’t count on us to honor our commitments, also making us less safe.

During the election, Trump bragged about draining the swamp. The whole Ukraine scandal reeks of mobster activity. Trump has had the biggest turnover in cabinet and top advisers in 100 years. Five cabinet members resigned because of unethical behavior. Devos and Carson have been under scrutiny too. Six of Trump’s closest allies have been convicted of lying to federal officials and/or campaign finance violations.

Finally, he has ignored the emoluments clause of the Constitution and continues to make money from his real estate properties. We taxpayers have spent over $64 million on Trump’s vacations at Mar-a-Lago alone.

Republicans, enough. Time for Trump to go.

Nancy Eubanks lives in Rough and Ready.


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