Nancy Eubanks: Recall is grossly undemocratic |

Nancy Eubanks: Recall is grossly undemocratic

I am urging you to vote “no“ on the upcoming Gov. Gavin Newsom recall.

He has three positive areas (the economy, climate change and health) that will make California a better place for everyone.

According to Bloomberg news as of June 2021, California has added 1.3 million non-farm jobs. Household income increased $164 billion (more than Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania combined). We have a budget surplus of $75 billion. Our unemployment rate is 7.7% as of June 2021. We have gained over 54% of jobs lost during the pandemic.

Newsom’s budget includes $21,000 per pupil spending in K-12 education and a phasing in of transitional kindergarten, summer school and after-school programs, plus teacher recruitment and development. His budget includes expanding broadband access by $6 billion.

The budget includes $12 billion to combat homelessness, including adding 42,000 new housing units. The budget includes $54 billion on infrastructure.

Even with this spending, California has a surplus of $75 billion. With that surplus, Newsom’s budget recommends another round of $600 stimulus money, plus $5 billion in rental assistance and $2 billion to help people with their utility bills.

One of the Republican mantras is always tax cuts — some have proposed a 20% across-the-board cut. Do you really want to cut education, infrastructure, climate initiatives, firefighting ability, health care and ways to address the homeless by 20% or more?

Second, climate change. According to the Center for American Progress April 16: “California has created one of the most comprehensive and responsive climate policy landscapes in the world.” We must keep these initiatives going forward and not risk turning them over to climate change deniers like many in the Republican Party.

And lastly, heath care. As of August, The New York Times reported California has one of the lower death rates per 100,000 in the United States at 0.13 (vs. Louisiana at 0.65, Florida at 0.41, Arkansas at 0.69 and Mississippi at 0.37). Many of the aforementioned states are experiencing an overflow of their ICU beds, while we here in California have only on average 30% of our ICU beds full.

Newsom’s early decisive action saved lives and has kept our death rates low. California needs to keep the new mask mandates that Newsom has put in place for schools to protect our most vulnerable children who cannot yet get vaccines. California needs to keep following Newsom’s lead with mask mandates and required vaccination in our universities, hospitals, and nursing homes; with businesses enforcing the indoor mask mandates for everyone’s safety.

Newsom understands that mask and vaccination are not about “freedom,” but about public and personal safety. We require motorcyclists to wear helmets. We require people to use seat belts. We require parents to have their children in approved car seats. We require children to be vaccinated before they can attend public kindergarten. I could go on and on about the many laws we pass to keep the public safe and healthy.

So do you really want to risk turning California into a state like Texas or Florida by electing a Republican governor?

And one last thing: Shouldn’t a recall of a governor or any public official for that matter be saved for really serious offenses like bribery, sexual harassment, embezzlement? If you want Newsom out of office, why not wait one year and vote him out instead of wasting $30 million of taxpayer money on this recall? (So much for Republicans being the fiscal conservative party.)

I personally think this is just another way Republicans want to get power in undemocratic ways much like the voter suppression bills in other Republican states. The Republicans know they cannot win the governorship by a fair election in November (remember Newsom won the vote by 61% last election cycle).

So, Republicans came up with this scheme to get a Republican elected governor by as little as 20%. Please note that Newsom could get 49% of the vote (but not the 51% needed to stay in office). And he would lose the governorship to the next highest vote-getter, which could be as little as 20%. This is grossly undemocratic.

Please vote “no“ on this recall of Newsom!

Nancy Eubanks lives in Rough and Ready.

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