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Mike Contino: I am Q, sigh, by the number

This message was directed to individuals with surnames Boebert, Cruz, Gaetz, Hawley, Taylor Greene and others; it was intercepted and decoded by the FBI and other NSA organizations. The CIA had nothing to do with it as the CIA does not surveil domestic citizens, especially not members of Congress.

I am Q and it is my duty to welcome you to the planning board of Qαμϖμ (QΑΜΩΜ or QAMOM), more commonly though erroneously known as QANON. Today’s main order of business is to engage you in the planning and details of our coup, especially our use of military time, but first I need to add to your understanding of the background and goals of Qαμϖμ .


You are of course familiar with the importance of the 1871 Organic Act, whose digits add to the prime number 17, we use that 17th American letter Q (do not call it the English alphabet).

In the beginning many mistakenly read QAMOM as QANON; we generously attribute that error to bad fonts where amo and ano look alike. The error does, however, aid us in security for our board communications. A document from me that uses QANON is not authentic whereas a QAMOM one probably is.

Why QAMOM? Well, we:

— Are as American as Jesus, mother’s love, apple pie, and revolution.

— Are the beginning and the end (alpha and omega, something Amazon stole from us).

— Are very much in tune with the truths found in numerology.

— Know the import of 13, another lucky teen prime. M is the 13th American letter.


There are some facts and fallacies to be aware of.

The number 11 is also an important teen prime; its unit repetition is important. More on that shortly. Keep in mind that this is our 11th hour or 23rd if you prefer (see next), another important prime.

The number 19 is the only other teen prime. COVID-19 is one of T’s biggest accomplishments, helping to thin our ranks of immigrants and other undesirables.

But don’t be misled. The big orange one isn’t what we’re about. He’s just a sloppy but convenient means to an end. He is not of prime import, and we’re all about what is prime to Americans.

OUR FUTURE (and use of military time)

You certainly know of using the 24-hour clock: 1 p.m. is more clearly expressed as 1300 hours.

So QAMOM uses the 24-month calendar. 2020 is not over. January was the 13th month of 2020. T hasn’t sung; he is still president. Jan. 6 was just a diversion, one fouled up by that Proud Girls group, posting their own pictures, bragging and getting themselves arrested.

You can be sure your Q was more circumspect. Our target to reseat the rightful president was not Jan.6 (13/6). The true 11th hour is yet to come in August, the 20th month of 2020. Specifically, the auspicious date is, 20/20/2020. Actions start promptly at 2020 hours. A week earlier is Friday the 13th, but the 20th will be our lucky Friday.

Luck, however, has nothing to do with it. We have to plan and amass our forces. Do what you can in your current positions, and send further organizational suggestions to me via the usual route. What a glorious day 20/20/2020 will be for us and for the white and blue (forget the red part, and all black, brown and yellow as well). And what a wonderful Christmas we’ll have on 24/25/20!

Yours in revolution, Q-17.

Mike Contino lives in Grass Valley

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