Melinda Downs: Jennings is right choice for Nevada County District Attorney |

Melinda Downs: Jennings is right choice for Nevada County District Attorney

District Attorney Cliff Newell has said that he has not prosecuted a court case in his 12 years in office, even though it is a part of the job description. Glenn Jennings, his opponent, has prosecuted well over 100 trial cases and says he will prosecute cases if elected.

When Newell was asked about Jennings’ reason to run, he said Jennings was an “angry, disgruntled former employee.” However, Jennings, as Newell’s Assistant District Attorney, was told by Newell to sign a document regarding the Mackey case that was not accurate. Jennings refused to sign and Newell told him to resign or be fired. Jennings, a man of high standards and integrity, resigned.

Newell says he is a good steward of our tax dollars, but taxpayers spent additional dollars to conclude the Mackey case, due to how Newell handled this issue in 2015.

Newell said he spends his time managing the office, allowing staff to prosecute cases. But at a Rough and Ready forum, when asked about the actions of his Assistant District Attorney, regarding questions addressed to the witnesses in a court hearing to discredit Jennings, Newell was not aware of what happened. When told that’s what The Union reported, he said court cases are complicated and it is hard to condense four to five hours of testimony into a few column inches. In response, Jennings said he was there (in court) and it was highly political on Assistant District Attorney Walsh’s part. As Newell was not aware, it appears to be a disconnect between Newell and his staff.

Jennings is an honest and faithful public servant and pursues equal justice for everyone.

Melinda Downs

Grass Valley

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