Mark Johnson: Taxpayer dollars thrown out the window |

Mark Johnson: Taxpayer dollars thrown out the window

What does $140,000-plus (we’ll talk about that “plus” a little later) taxpayer dollars get Nevada County taxpayers? And what do the efforts of thousands of hours donated by outstanding community members mean to certain public servants of Nevada County?

Evidently, nothing. Nothing at all. No changes. No enlightenment. No concessions. No truth. No kept promises.

Where is the outrage? Where is the demand for the will of “We, The People,” to be acted upon? Why do we not demand respect for what we decree, by that ever popular and extremely precious democratic action … the ability to vote?

Getting back to those $140,000-plus taxpayer dollars thrown out the window for the Community Advisory Group process by the whimsical whimsies of the officials who approved these expenditures, as mentioned beforehand … has the public been apprised of the hundreds of hours expended by county staff, at the expense of untold thousands of taxpayer dollars to thwart the will of We, The People?

The citizens must also take into account the amount of $70,000-plus taxpayer dollars wasted on Measure W, which was defeated overwhelmingly by a 59.45 percent to 40.55 percent margin. So, a minimum of at least $210,000 taxpayer dollars, with the total amounts, including county staff time, never to be divulged, has been expended to deny the will of We, The People, by our elected representatives.

Where is the outrage? When was it decreed that public servants were to be allowed to trample upon the rights of We, The People, at every opportunity, with smugness and impunity?

The Union quoted Dan Miller on June 20, 2016, saying, “Supervisor Dan Miller, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, is a strong supporter of Measure W. ‘If W does fail, we’re obligated and we’ve already told people we’ll lift the ban after the vote is certified.’”

Please, help rid ourselves of fiscally inept elected officials by electing a responsible representative of District 3 in Nevada County, Hilary Hodge.

And please, refrain from removing Dan Miller’s signs … along with his complete lack of credibility, his penchant for publicly labeling his constituents as “morons, idiots and cowards,” only adds to the numerous and distinct disadvantages that Dan Miller already faces.

Mark Johnson lives in Grass Valley.

Clarification: The Mark Johnson who wrote this Other Voices is not the same Mark Johnson who served as Grass Valley’s mayor and council member. 

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