Marjorie Bartlett: What we could lose if Biden wins |

Marjorie Bartlett: What we could lose if Biden wins

I’m concerned that:

We will not have to learn the words to the salute the American flag or the national anthem, as we will not be allowed to repeat them in schools or sporting events.

We will not have the extra dollars President Trump let us keep, in taxes, to provide for our families.

We will not have to worry about choosing what schools our children will attend, i.e. charter, magnet, private, as at least some of those schools may be eliminated.

We will not have a voice in what our children are taught in public schools. The government will be able to have complete control of our children. The American communists decided in the 1920s and ‘30s to use the American educational system to slowly indoctrinate our children towards socialism. Seems to me that so far, they have done an excellent job. One book to read is “Toward Soviet America,” written in 1932 by William Z. Foster.

We will not have to spend any more dollars on the wall because the wall might be torn down.

We will not have to call the police when we see a crime being committed because the police might be defunded and we won’t have any police.

We will not have to worry about teaching our children to not play with firearms. The liberals might try to take away the only way dads and moms can protect their families in the face of danger … Beto O’Rourke has already been promised the job of confiscating the guns of Americans.

We will not have to research doctors for our medical care, as our government might tell us who we can and cannot see. No big deal as there would not be many to choose from anyway.

We will no longer have a fair, functional Supreme Court if the liberals “pack the court.” Even Ruth B. Ginsburg, in a 2019 NPR interview, said she was against packing the court.

We will no longer produce oil and gas needed to continue our civilization as we know it.

I fear the consequences are too far and wide to explain here, but please educate yourselves. It looks to me so much worse than you could ever imagine.

Marjorie Bartlett lives in Penn Valley.

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