Marilyn Nyborg: Bring the best minds to the table |

Marilyn Nyborg: Bring the best minds to the table

The April 8 edition of The Union had three separate columns that I felt raised valid points of view.

Ivan Natividad reminded me that the U.S. is a family, and the head of the household is still in the patriarchal role of father knows best. We are all caught up now in the messy divorce they are going through in Washington. Acting from a win-lose framework. Like Republicans changing the rules to get their way is not the democracy I grew up in. Ivan also suggests we knock on neighbors doors and I would add listen and learn.

Madeline D’Andrea underscores this fake news that if we don’t agree with this administration than we are paid protestors. It is our right and obligation to speak up and she had the courage it takes to do so at this town hall.

Finally, Dave Glubetich — while we would not agree on many issues, I so agree with you that a disrespectful audience will neither make their point or change anyone’s mind. As Indivisible Women, we were encouraged to ask questions respectfully and to listen for where we disagree or agree. So Dave, I hope we can all attend in the future.

I can’t imagine any other means of building a better community for all is easy to follow. They have the recipe and we just need to add people.

Having been at that town hall, I do believe there were a lot of us (primarily in the seats) that tried to shush the people in the back whose clear intent was to disrupt the town hall. Mr. LaMalfa had said earlier in a private meeting with Indivisibles that it is really difficult to stand before a hostile crowd. I appreciate his courage while on the other hand, I do believe he has not learned to listen and find common ground with all his constituents. Instead, he seems to be following in lock step with this administration. There has to be some way of moving out of win/lose to working out solutions that bring the best minds to the table regardless of political affiliation.

Divisiveness begins with each of us, when we don’t listen, ask questions or build trust between one another. Divide and conquer is the end result in which hostility continues, war remains and we live in an atmosphere of fear. If that’s the goal … we’re winning!

Indivisible women are working to create “Living Room Conversations,” which began with Joan Blades from and Mark Meckler from the Tea Party. I would encourage organizations and churches to consider creating them. I can’t imagine any other means of building a better community for all is easy to follow. They have the recipe and we just need to add people.

Marilyn Nyborg lives in Grass Valley.

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