Manny Montes: Why a border wall? Here’s why |

Manny Montes: Why a border wall? Here’s why

Manny Montes
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To begin with, the current estimated net cost of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is in the vicinity of $119 billion. This is not an insignificant sum.

It is axiomatic that as the number of illegal immigrants grow, so will the cost to our nation.

We will never be able to deport enough to have a significant impact on the current cost, but, goodness, shouldn’t we do our best to at least stabilize that cost at current levels? Progressives don’t seem care about this burden on our shoulders.

A wall would be ineffective? Walls dotting the world prove this to be a falsehood. No one would argue that a wall would be one hundred percent effective in stopping illegal crossings at the border. But one can reasonably argue that a formidable wall would considerably stem the tide of illegal crossings. Ladders and tunnels require considerably more effort than simply walking across the border. With drones and other technology, these crossing would also be circumvented.

The wall would be too expensive? A waste of money? These objections coming from progressives is laughable. The proposed U.S. budget is $4.5 trillion. Eliminating some zeros, the $5.7 billion for the wall would be 57 dollars out of $45,000. The Democrats’ proposed spending bill includes a net $38 billion in foreign aid, zero for the wall. Where are the progressives concern for the sovereignty of our nation, and the safety of its citizens? Does anyone see it?

Progressives argue that many more illegals are the result of visa overstays, as if to say, never mind them crossing the borders. This argument ignores the fact that a considerable number still trespass our porous border. The latest figures from U.S. Border and Protection show nearly 467,000 apprehensions at the U.S./Mexico border in 2018. How many others were not apprehended? Given this, one can only assume progressives’ reluctance to fund the wall has nothing to do with care and compassion for American citizens. Quite the contrary. Their reluctance stands despite the harm caused to our nation’s citizens.

Then we have American citizens and law enforcement sexually assaulted and killed by illegal immigrants. To compare those figures with assaults and murders committed by our own citizens is a disingenuous and despicable redirection from illegal immigrant offenses. There should be zero offenses against our citizens committed by illegals. To lose a son, daughter, wife, husband, mother or father to an illegal perp is unacceptable. And yet we have progressive sanctuary cities and states protecting these perps, despite harm to our nation’s citizens. Why aren’t these municipalities and states doing their upmost to rid us of the criminal element of the illegal population? Who are these sanctuaries benefiting? No one can honestly answer they are benefiting American citizens, but one can answer, with veracity, the sanctuaries area benefiting illegal immigrant criminals to the ultimate detriment of many American citizens.

Then we have the danger of infectious diseases carried by the illegal immigrants. Because there have been no medical examinations in their immigration, we have no idea how many are carrying infectious diseases that might endanger American children when these immigrants enter schools across our nation.

During the Obama administration, we experienced the arrival of significant numbers of unaccompanied alien children. Their arrival was accompanied by significant increases in tuberculosis, dengue fever and swine flu infections. Unaccompanied children also appear to have been the source of the deadly outbreak of the EV-D68 enterovirus that spread throughout the American West in 2014. Is the health of our citizens and our nation’s children vs. illegal immigrants a higher priority for the progressive left? This is a rhetorical question. We know the answer.

Then we have the cost to medical providers of illegal immigrants. In 2005, the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons published an article, “Illegal Aliens and American Medicine,” authored by Madeleine Peiner Cosman, Ph.D., Esq. She states, “What is unseen is their (illegal aliens) free medical care that has degraded and closed some of America’s finest emergency medical facilities, and caused hospital bankruptcies: 84 California hospitals are closing their doors.” And the consequence to the local communities of these facilities? Are not those residents deserving of more consideration than is given to the illegal immigrant community? Of course, but not from the progressive left.

Progressives reprehensibly embrace illegal immigration to the detriment of the citizens they serve.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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