Manny Montes: Taxpayers already have enough of a burden |

Manny Montes: Taxpayers already have enough of a burden

Manny Montes
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Postmodern progressive Democrats declare: Those who wish to vote something into their pockets, step on this side of the line. We will impose no other duty on you other than your promised political support.

Your pockets will bulge with free medical care, including no cost abortions, no college tuition, paid off student loans, free day care, a monthly stipend, and free everything as your expectations and demands grow.

The chumps on the other side of the line, with the illusion the money they’ve earned is theirs, are ignorant of the fact that we determine how much of their earnings they can keep. We compulsively take what we want. We will reach into the pockets of these producers (thank god they’re there), taxing (state sanctioned theft), what is needed to fulfill all our campaign promises.

Progressives see the wealth in the economy flowing like a river of water, commonly owned, and can siphon off as much of the wealth as they want. How in hell did they get this hubris to take whatever they want as they see fit? We are taxed to no end. State and federal taxes, excise/consumption/sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, California’s proposed tax on water, a proposed wealth tax, a carbon tax, capital gains tax, and the underhanded estate tax.

Those fortunate enough to build an estate with after tax income are essentially told the estate is not really all theirs. Upon the death of the builder of the estate, again with after tax money, the state comes in and swoops off another 40 percent or more. This is state sanctioned grand larceny. If they were able to come up with an algorithm that determines how much air we breathe, we would be taxed on every breath we take.

When they play the straw that breaks the camel’s back is anyone’s guess, but their shrewd giveaway proposals are proven techniques of success. Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” has demonstrated the success of addicting constituents on the government’s largesse. The power progressives so savagely crave ignores the profound damage their policies have had on the ranks of the poor, particularly on the breakup of the black family structure. Inter-generational dependency, fatherless homes, 70% or more out of wedlock births, and on and on. The more than $22 trillion spent, and more than 80 welfare programs, have proven to be abject failures. But the money and the programs have also demonstrated addiction to the government hammock will ensure a loyal voting block. Government giveaways are no different than the drug pusher’s drugs for the addicts.

The 16th Amendment, ratified in 1913, made the income tax constitutional. The initial apprehension legislators had regarding setting an income tax rate too high has long been alleviated. Progressive Democrats today unabashedly say they will take what they want. Take for instance Bill DeBlasio’s proposed 70% tax rate. Amount of income aside, add the 13% state tax rate of California, and we have a rate of 83% of the government’s strong arm theft of income. The victims get to keep 17% of what they’ve earned. This might be the straw.

This year, tax freedom day was on April 16. This is the day we Americans as a whole have worked to pay the nation’s tax burden, and from this point forward, for the balance of the year, we now work and earn for ourselves. This is a gross violation of property rights, i.e., the right to keep and do with as we please the product of our efforts. The Progressive Democrat’s government is not a government that protects individual rights, it is a government that violates those rights.

We are on the precipice of the abyss of statism and tyranny. Postmodern progressives are determined to move our country further from the vision of our Founding Fathers. Individualism, self-reliance, and limited government with the sole purpose to protect the freedoms of individuals to live as they see fit has long been losing ground to the postmodernist. Patriots to the principles of our founding must resist the postmodern progressive’s onslaught on those principles.

We must have a discussion on a constitutional amendment that requires our government to balance the budget with tax revenues, and serious consideration on an amendment that stipulates a tax rate this is not to be exceeded.

The immoral redistributionist policies of postmodern progressives must be defeated if any semblance of the America of our founding is to survive. Yank the rope of the liberty bell.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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