Manny Montes: Progressives stoking the flames |

Manny Montes: Progressives stoking the flames

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Manny Montes

The nonviolent civil war between irreconcilable ideologies, Collectivism vs. Individualism, Big Government vs. Limited Government, Democratic Socialism vs. Capitalism is no more.

Protest rallies have morphed into violent, bodily assaulting, property destructive riots; no doubt, more to come.

The progressive's histrionic jolt at Hillary's loss to the inconceivable Trump victory is understandable. The historic upset of Trump's victory is an exclamation mark to the substance of his win, a major economic, political and social revolution that will fundamentally move America in closer proximity to our founding, and progressives understand this.

The palpable anguish apparent with progressives at large has much to do with their fears of losing the dependent class they have so successfully cultivate over the past many decades.

Progressives accuse Republicans of being anti-immigrants, conveniently leaving out the modifier “illegal.”

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Think about it. If the economy were to grow beyond the tepid rates of the last eight years to a rate aptly described as a robust economy, and American workers could now proudly claim being self-sufficient, getting off the welfare rolls, what handouts could the progressives offer then? They lost their once invincible "blue wall" of white working class Americans.

Considerably reducing the role, if not eliminating entirely, of our dysfunctional public education system — in exchange for parents having the moral right to select the schools of their choice for their children — will mean a stake in the heart of the teacher's unions and the money historically lavished on the Democrat reelection campaigns and the loss of their central role of indoctrinating our young.

In light of this, one can understand their unhinged rage. But there is a more disturbing tell in all this, progressive interest on the hold of political power at the expense of the general welfare of our country.

President Trump's temporary ban on immigrants from the seven (or, now six) designated countries is constitutionally authorized. These countries were designated by Congress and President Obama as war-torn countries with governments hostile to America, or no government at all, which makes it virtually impossible to determine the true intentions of their immigrants towards America.

ISIS has stated its intention of infiltrating this immigrant/refugee pool with terrorists intent on taking the lives of Americans. Ignoring this, progressives, blinded by their obsessive opposition to Trump, claim Establishment and Due Process rights to these immigrants on foreign soil, and place supposed damage to universities on a higher plane than the security and lives of Americans.

Progressives accuse Republicans of being anti-immigrants, conveniently leaving out the modifier "illegal." Wanting to control and get a handle on the tide of illegal immigrants is, according to progressives, "racist." Never mind the negative consequences of the illegal immigrant tide. In California alone, the costs of illegal immigration is estimated to exceed $25 billion a year. This is not an insignificant sum. Add to this the crime and drugs directly related to this class of immigrants, and it clearly makes common sense to want to get a handle on this.

But so what, the illegals are progressive sympathizers, some of whom may very well be represented in our voter registration rolls; "build bridges not walls" what in hell does this mean?

The tsunami of regulations placed on the business community over the decades is estimated to cost the economy $2 trillion a year, an amount that exceeds the government's confiscatory take in federal taxes. With Obama's considerable addition to the regulatory roster during his eight years, is it any wonder why we haven't seen economic growth even hit 3 percent? Trump's moratorium on new regulations, and scaling back existing regulations is the much-needed life preserver thrown into the tumultuous sea of regulations. This, coupled with tax reform will inexorably mean economic growth we haven't seen in quite some time.

Progressives had their chance in Obama's first term with the executive and Congress in their control, and they focused instead on further building their dependent class with their (un)Affordable Care Act; "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it," Nancy Pelosi intoned.

Progressives need victims just as the addict needs drugs. Politics and victimhood is their life blood. And they need the power of our government institutions to correct this, that, and whatever social injustice they can conjure up.

Progressives are in constant search of kindling for their progressives match to stoke the flames of social injustice, so they can represent themselves as the much needed firefighters to douse the flames.

Progressives, please, live and let live.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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