Manny Montes: Progressives destroying the integrity of our halls of justice |

Manny Montes: Progressives destroying the integrity of our halls of justice

Like the lava witch in the animated feature, “Moana,” progressives destroy everything they touch. The ashes they leave in their wake are ignored as they reach to touch and destroy more of our government and societal institutions. Their decades of destruction are sanctimoniously dismissed because of their good intentions.

Look at what the “Great Society” welfare system has wrought. Intergenerational government dependency, and an astonishingly high rate of fatherless homes. Our public education system is an unmitigated failure. Our colleges and universities are unabashed progressive indoctrination seminaries. Progressive Democrat-ruled cities are getting crushed under unsustainable quid-pro-quo government employee’s pension funds. Their neighborhoods are literally crumbling and becoming waste lands.

Our constitutional government structure is only as strong as the degree of adherence to its principles. Progressives quest for power ignore those principles as witnessed in our law enforcement and judicial systems. Lady Justice has lost her blindfold, and the scales are tipped. If you are of the correct political persuasion, you get a pass, or a judge will rule based on what he believes is in the heart and mind of proponents, or take sides, irrespective of the language in the constitution or legislation, a blatant subjection of justice.

The most powerful high tech companies such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook, we now know, are taking an affirmative role in the dissemination of ideas in favor of progressive dogma.

Our societal divisiveness, sown by the Obama administration and progressive identity politics has reached a crescendo destructive of civil discourse. There isn’t much of the progressive dogma to disagree with without being labeled a racist, homophobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe, or a sexist misogynous pig. Their hysteria over the DACA program has all to do with increasing their vote numbers. Would their elevated interest of the dreamers be the same if it was expected they would vote Republican?; this is rhetorical question.

Progressive don’t give a whit about assimilation. Multiculturalism is the progressive mantra. The prize immigrant, legal or illegal, is unskilled, uneducated, and non-English speaking, prone to need government services lavishly provided by progressive programs, thereby locking their votes in the Democrat column. If progressives grow this voting block large enough, they will have a lock on our federal government as they have in California. We will then be a nation whose course will in large part be determined by this new progressive voting bloc.

This isn’t hyperbole or fantasy. Coming straight from the horses’ mouth, former Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri, clearly stated, in a leaked memo, “the fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.” Let this sink in. Dreamers and the like, prone to proudly fly the flag of another country, stubbornly culturally adherent in defiance of assimilation, having the voting power to dictate the direction our nation.

In December 2012, former ABC Washington correspondent, Sam Donaldson, famously stated to Tea Partiers: “It’s not your country anymore, it’s our country …” What is the “your” country of conservatives vs. the “our” country of progressives? The “your” country of conservatives is based on liberty, free markets, and limited government, all of which progressives have assiduously been dismantling over the decades. The “our” country of progressives is liberty to the extent it does not violate progressive dictums, free markets burdened with crushing regulations, and limited government transformed into a federal government that is a leviathan in the quest for ever expanding powers.

It’s not the government of our founding, and progressives with “ends justifies the means” mentality, will do or say what is necessary to move their agenda forward, to hell with principles and ethics.

Revelations come to light each day regarding the movie script intrigue associated with the Russia-Trump collusion narrative, with Department of Justice and FBI, now revealed by the Nunes memo, literally colluded with surrogates of the Clinton campaign and the DNC to thwart Trump’s campaign, and undermine his presidency. Giving Hillary Clinton a pass on her unlawful handling of classified information, and politically weaponizing the Department of Justice and FBI are the most egregious scandals in the history of our nation, clearly demonstrating progressives “ends justifies the means” mentality, undermining our electoral republic.

These machinations cannot be tolerated, our constitutional structure literally demands zero tolerance.

As I stated in a previous column, progressives’ political partisanship was placed above the law because of the certainty of Hillary Clinton’s victory; no one will be the wiser. Their touch destroyed the integrity of our halls of justice.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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