Manny Montes: Progressive movement jumping into abyss |

Manny Montes: Progressive movement jumping into abyss

Manny Montes
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An extraordinary thing is happening right before our eyes.

The implosion of the progressive movement, and its complicit ministry of propaganda, our news media, are jumping head first into the abyss, oblivious to the progressive ideological dangers of their descent.

The incipient tyrant in every progressive is now manifest for all to see. The Obama administration blatantly politicized our government’s intelligence and law-enforcement apparatus. The tyrant plays by his own rules. Power is the objective. Principles, ethics and constitutional restraints mean not a whit to the tyrant.

The scandalous machinations of the Obama administration makes clear the progressives’ disdain for our Constitution. To them, the Constitution represents impediments to their pursuit of power. They know what is best for us, and are hell bent on burdening us with the yoke of the “common good,” constitutional restraints be damned.

It is astounding how Donald Trump prevailed against our law enforcement and intelligence community’s skullduggery. But prevailing as he did, didn’t end the traitorous actions of his opponents.

The tip of the iceberg was the IRS targeting, i.e., silencing, conservative groups during the campaign season. This was significant government abuse, and unlawful use of its power waged against the citizens it is sworn to serve. But this scandal pales in comparison to what is now coming to light in revelations of the duplicitous, I dare say treasonous, actions of the top echelons of our halls of justice.

The Inspector Clouseau methods used in the Hillary Clinton email investigation will come to light soon enough in the Inspector General’s report, but enough is already in the public domain to conclude the fix was in. The untoward, and purposeful use of the private email server while Secretary of State was solely to keep her communications out of the public domain.

To hell with security protocols. No doubt, Hillary was thinking, “I’m Hillary, next president of the United States, I can do as I please.” Recall her deleting some 30,000 subpoenaed emails, bleach bit the server drives, and literally destroyed hand-held communications devices? There is a phrase for this: “obstruction of justice.”

The unrestrained abuse of power in our law enforcement and intelligence apparatus, no doubt, is because all the perps believed she would be president as well. So the investigation was conducted in unorthodox ways to ensure the skids were greased for their Democrat nominee for president.

Then we have Andrew McCabe issuing the “stand down” order on the investigation of the squirrely Clinton Foundation, even in light of the $145 million — that’s right, donated to the foundation by interest linked to the Uranium One deal, giving Russia control of 20 percent of our Uranium; the stink of Russian collusion with the Clinton Foundation and our Secretary of State permeates the air.

Then we have the DNC and the Clinton campaign colluding with the Russians, via a law firm, and a former British spy to conjure up the unverified “dossier.” Prevarications on the part of the FBI when presenting the dossier to the FISA court, i.e., not revealing the funding behind its compilation, was to ensure approval from the court so they can now spy on the Trump campaign.

Further, the dossier was leaked to various news outlets, and that reporting was used in the FISA request to substantiate the claims in the dossier. I am not making this up. All this, to what end? To sabotage the campaign as insurance for Hillary’s victory. And now we learn the Obama FBI actually inserted a spy into the Trump campaign. Good grief, the hubris of these perps is mind blowing.

It is astounding how Donald Trump prevailed against our law enforcement and intelligence community’s skullduggery. But prevailing as he did, didn’t end the traitorous actions of his opponents. Now their goal was to derail his presidency, to remove him from office, i.e., to perpetrate a silent coup.

Our current news media is a threat to the nation. Known as the Fourth Estate, the media is expected to report the news in order to inform the citizenry. A well-informed citizenry is essential to the maintenance of our republic. The who, what, where, when, why and how essential elements of reporting are forsaken when it comes to the real “other” Russia collusion scandal, and government misdeeds.

They’re like the cub reporter who is sent to cover a routine meeting of the local town council. The reporter later returns to the newsroom without a story. When the editor asks why there’s no story, the reporter responds: “I couldn’t get to the government building because a massive train wreck blocked the street.” Progressives and the media are that massive train wreck.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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