Manny Montes: Progressive ideology defies common sense |

Manny Montes: Progressive ideology defies common sense

What an extraordinary advantage it is to dominate all the cultural pillars of our society.

News and entertainment sectors, academia and K through 12, and now the most powerful companies in the tech industry, Google, Facebook, et al. There is no dispute, it is the progressives that enjoy this dominance.

In light of this, one can understand their shock, and unhinged rage at Trump’s inconceivable victory.

Their predominance has successfully cordoned off common sense as that of a crime scene; no one allowed entry, political correctness reigns supreme. Their palpable anguish at Trump’s victory, and their cacophonous protestations of hate, racism, and white privilege are incessantly blared by their complicit cultural pillars.

If a New York Times reporter were to see Trump walking on water, he would title his story “Trump can’t swim.”

The ACLU apologized, and thanked those behind the social media barrage they received for depicting a white baby with the American flag, stating, “This is the future that ACLU members want.” Their subsequent apologetic tweet stated, “When your Twitter followers keep you in check and remind you that white supremacy is everywhere.”

ESPN removes an Asian sports announcer, Robert Lee, from the broadcast of University of Virginia’s football game because he has the same name as the confederate General, Robert E. Lee. In the Bizzaro progressive world, his announcing the game would be evidence of ESPN’s solidarity with NAZI white supremacist.

An entire book can be written on the distorted, left-wing, politically correct, anti-American indoctrination that occurs in the halls of academia on a daily basis. You enter the cordoned off crime scene of common sense at your peril on many of our campuses. Universities now protect students from words and/or ideas that might upset them. Leftist professors are forced to resign because they’ve entered the no-go cordoned off zone. Gone is the central idea of dialog and debate once the hallmark of academia.

Our high-flying tech companies are following suit. Google fires an employee for a memo on gender difference. The authors trespass into the no-go zone even received threats of violence. Mozilla, creator of the Firefox browser, forced its founder and CEO to resign over a $1,000 contribution to the gay-marriage ban proposition in California. You can be gainfully employed as long as your views are in line with progressive dogma. Step into the no-go zone, and your toast.

Mainstream media has abdicated the traditional journalist role at attempts of reporting the news objectively. They have taken on the role of advocacy journalism. Their view of news events are fractured through the progressive prism. If a New York Times reporter were to see Trump walking on water, he would title his story “Trump can’t swim.” Brian Williams, of MSNBC stated, it is our job to “scare people to death” over North Korea in response to President Donald Trump. CNN colluding with the DNC during the campaign. Many more examples can be cited, but the cat is out of the bag. Everyone knows the media is tendentious in their reporting.

Real hatred and racism is plainly displayed with the progressive left. If one of them were to stand in front of the infamous mirror and ask, “show me those with hatred and racism in their hearts”, the mirror would reply, “it is the image staring back at you and your brethren.” Their denunciations of hatred and racism on the part of others is what classic psychology labels, “projection.”

A peaceful conservative demonstration, “Say No to Marxism in America” was initially scheduled in Berkeley for Aug. 27, but was canceled over concerns for safety. Nonetheless, some showed up, and so did thousands counter-demonstrators. Many, clad in black hoodies and black bandanas, descended on the demonstrators with violence. Ironically, they were carry signs with slogans like “Stand Against Hate.” Former DNC chair Howard Dean says if you vote Republican, you’re a racist. Trump supporters risk violent response from many on the progressive left.

Progressives’ frontal assault on common sense is also an assault on our founding principles. Individual liberty and responsibility is replaced with progressive conformity and government dependency. Limited government is transformed into a leviathan that impinges on every facet of our lives. Free enterprise is replaced with the burdens of over taxation and regulation. In each of these instances, common sense favors our founding principles.

Progressives now fear their once inevitable trajectory has been slowed or even halted. If President Trump accomplishes a growth in GDP of 3 percent or more, if unemployment dips below 4 percent, and if school choice demonstrates success for our young, progressive ideology will hopefully be consigned to the dust bin of history.

Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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